8 Ways to Free up Disk Space on Windows 8

Do you need to free up disk space on Windows 8 sometimes? Do you know how to free up Windows 8 disk space? Probably, you want to free up disk space on partition in Windows 8 in following situations:

When you meet the similar problem on Windows 8, the first method you may come up with is to free up disk space on the partition that has not enough free space.

9 Ways to Free up Disk Space on Windows 8

1. Delete files from the partition that shows insufficient space on Windows 8

Deleting files is the easiest way to free up disk space on Windows 8. You just need to open the partition that has not enough free space and select all the unwanted files on this partition. Then, you can right click the files and click "Delete " option to delete them.

2. Empty recycle bin after deleting files on Windows 8 hard drive

As you know, when you delete any file on computer's internal hard disk partition, the deleted data will be moved to recycle bin first of all. Therefore, when you delete files from hard disk partition on Windows 8, you should open Recycle Bin to delete all data there if you want to free up disk space. All deleted data will still occupy the disk space before deleting them permanently in Recycle Bin.

3. Move files from the partition which shows low disk space to another partition or device

If you cannot delete any file to free up disk space since every file means a lot to you, you can move some files to another partition. You can even move files to another hard drive if your computer contains more than one hard drive. Or you can move all files to an external hard drive.

4. Show all hidden files and delete them

Sometimes, you may find that there is not much data stored on disk partition on your Windows 8 computer, but the partition shows red bar and is nearly full. In this situation, you can show all hidden files on Windows 8 to see if the hidden files occupy lots of disk space.

You can follow this guide to show all hidden files on Windows 8: Open "My Computer" > click "View" tab > click "Option" > select "Show hidden files, folders and drives" in "View" tab

show hidden files windows 8.

After showing all hidden files, you can delete all unwanted hidden files to free up disk space on Windows 8.

5. Uninstall unwanted programs

If you have installed too many programs on your computer, you should install some unnecessary programs to free up disk space. It is not useful if you just delete the shortcut of the program on desktop of your computer. What you should do is to uninstall the program and delete the program from the Windows 8 hard disk partition.

6. Delete cookies & caches

You can delete cookies and caches to free up some disk space on Windows 8.

7. Run Disk Cleanup to free up disk space

You can also run Disk Cleanup tool on Windows 8 to free up disk space when any partition is running out of disk space.

8. Defragment hard disk on Windows 8

Defragment disk is another solution for disk space free up on Windows 8.

Partition Software to Redistribute Disk Space on Windows 8

Usually, if it is system partition that runs out of disk space, it might be useless to free up disk space by deleting files. You can run partition software for Windows 8, namely IM-Magic Partition Resizer Free, to increase size of system partition on Windows 8.

resize partition

Download IM-Magic Partition Resizer Free Edition

download free windows 10 partition software

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