C drive is full on windows 8/8.1 - free to extend C drive


If your C drive is full, you can consider the solutions below to extend partition for free, these solution will be 100% safe and effective.

Andrew Wright

June 2, 2021

by Andrew Wright

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My C Drive is Filled up and Out of Space in Windows 8.1

It is very common to experience this problem. When your C drive is full, you cannot install any new program or run windows update, it slows down your computer and Internet.

Happens frequently without any reason?

If you are facing C drive full issue frequently, it could be because of running program getting crashed or generating huge error and temporary files in temp folder.

Why my C drive is full?

As said above, it could be because program getting crashed or generating huge error files in temp folder. Below are the other reasons that you can look for:

1) Large no of files lying in Recycle bin.

2) You have not cleared your Internet browser history and cache for a long time and it is holding large space.

3) Your installed programs are generating huge no of error or temporary files in temp folder.

4) The software that you just installed has not deleted the installer files from the temp folder.

5) You system is affected with virus and it is just eating up your space as programmed.

Steps to solve the issue

The basic steps to release space are very simple and gives you smile after performing them:

1) Empty your recycle bin.

2) Run Disk Cleanup. This should solve the issue and if not go ahead and perform the below steps:

3) Clear your Internet browser history and cache.

4) Clear the temp folder by deleting all the files. Open Run, type %TEMP% and press Enter. This will take you to your profile temp directory. You can delete all of them.

5) Run a scan using your Anti-Virus program

Restart your computer and check how much space you have gained.

If the space released in C drive is not as expected, then you can extend your C drive partition:

You can add space to C drive from your unallocated space from the same disk drive. You can use Disk Management Tool in Windows 8 but this has many limitations and requires knowledge to start and perform the task.

There are many freeware tools available to do this task with ease.

Extend your C drive- IM-Magic Partition Resizer FREE edition

IM-Magic Partition Resizer Free, a freeware will help you in extending your C drive without much effort. The tool lets you expand, shrink, move and merge partitions without touching the existing data on the hard disk.

It is 100% safe to use IM-Magic Partition Resizer Free. The tool is easy to use and gives you expected results. The roll-back feature provides safety to your data even if the system is shutdown accidentally or hangs and you need to restart.

Extend your C drive with partition manage freewareExtend your C drive with partition manage freeware

download free windows 10 partition software

The tool is available for free and available in different editions. To download and know more about this,visit the IM-Magic website:


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