Change partition size without formatting/losing data for windows server 2003/2008/2012/2016


Want to change the partition size but worry about losing data? You change the partition size without formatting for Windows server 2003/2008/2012/2016.

Andrew Wright

June 2, 2021

by Andrew Wright

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How to change partition size without formatting

Computer users often think that installing Windows or other software is the most challenging task of all, they should think again, shouldn't they? Because there are other things as well, which can cause numerous distress, for example, take into account changing partition size or repartition without formatting drive at all. Sounds impossible? If so don't worry we have got you covered.

What if we told you that you could change partition size, delete, create, extend, shrink or merge partitions in Windows 2003/2008/2012/2016 as well without losing any data at all. You can perform this particular action using our incredible product IM-Magic Partition Resizer Server edition. It can take care of all types of windows server and can help youresize partition Server 2008./2003/2012/2016.

Also, IM-Magic Partition Resizer is also compatible with all other server versions including SBS 2011 and Server 2008 r2 as well. You will have the ultimate control over the whole operation. If you change your mind and want to roll back, the process will just stop, and even then, all your substantial data will be safe and sound.

Different ways to change the partition

There are many ways to change the partition size, for starters you can simply change partition size by shrinking volume or simply extending it with the help of unallocated space extracted from other drives.

Another certain way to do so is to change partition size by adding free space to C drive. By either following any step you will end up changing the partition size, but will the data would also be secured? There is no guarantee to this particular scenario, maybe all the files will remain intact, or you will have to format the drive before changing partition.

This could be really debilitating and somewhat time-consuming task, to avoid this we prefer that you use our amazing IM-Magic Partition Resizer Server Edition, it is fast, incredible and fully secured system officially designed to handle various disk operations.

Following is a straightforward guide which will allow you to change the partition size of a particular drive without losing your important data or files. Also, you won't have to format the drive prior to changing the size of the partition. Let us have a brief intro about how we can use IM-Magic Partition Resizer Server Edition to resize or change the partition size;

1.Launch IM-Magic Partition Resizer Server Edition and allow the disk map to load successfully.

2.After you have a complete list of drives and partitions installed on your system, choose one whom you want to change the partition size.

3.Right click on the particular drive and select “Move/Resize” option, a new window will appear before you.

Resize partition with IM-Magic Partition ResizerResize partition with IM-Magic Partition Resizer

4.Simply move the cursor along the right side to extend the volume, and at the same time select the other drive or partition from which you want to squeeze the space.

Steps to resize your partition when you can not extend volumeSteps to resize your partition when you can not extend volume

5.Unallocated space from the other drive will appear right after the selected drive whose size has to be changed.

Steps to resize your partition when you can not extend volumeSteps to resize your partition when you can not extend volume

6.Click “Yes” to give further permission to merge the two partitions and make it one.

7. After you click "Yes" the process will initiate and when the process is completed simply click on "Apply Changes" button.

8.To change the partition size of C drive, use the same process as described above.

The size of your particular partition has been changed successfully. If you want to carry out similar disk operations on your personal desktop or laptop, you can use IM-Magic Partition Resizer Unlimited Edition as it can handle all kinds of disk operations Server or not.

To download this fantastic tool or for further information, feel free to visit our website;

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