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This page will introduce disk repartition software so as to resize disk partition on Windows XP, Windows 7 or Windows Server.

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June 2, 2021

by Andrew Wright

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Disk Repartition Software Download

Download IM-Magic Partition Resizer Server for all Windows computer users to resize system partition or data partition. It is secure and reliable.

Disk Repartition Software for Partition Resizing

extend c drive

If you still feel upset when receiving low disk space on disk partition on your Windows computer, you can use IM-Magic Partition Resizer. IM-Magic Partition Resizer provides solution to extend disk partition,shrink disk partition and move disk partition. It works on system partition resizing and data partition resizing no matter the partition is NTFS file system or FAT32 file system. It helps resize disk partition without losing any data on 32 bit and 64 bit Windows OS.

Download IM-Magic Partition Resizer Free for Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/2000.
Download IM-Magic Partition Resizer Server for all Windows Server OS.

download server resizer to resize 2012 2016

Resize Disk Partition with Disk Repartition Software

resize partition

How to redistribute disk space in Windows Server

Step 1:
Free download, install and start IM-Magic Partition Resizer on computer. Right click an existing data partition that has lots of free space and go to "Resize/Move" option.

Step 2:
Shrink the selected partition, and you will see a free disk space, which is shown as an unallocated volume.

Steps to resize your disk partition
Steps to resize your disk partition

shrink large drive on winddows server

Shrink other large partition to produce free space for C drive

free space after shrinking other large server partition

Step 3:
Move the unallocated volume close to the partition you want to extend. Right click this partition and go to "Resize/Move" option.

right click server c drive to extend

Right click c drive to get started with extending c

Steps to resize your disk partition
Steps to resize your disk partition

extend 2003 c

Step 4:
Extend the selected partition and then click "Apply" button.

Download IM-Magic Partition Resizer Server Edition

download server resizer to resize 2003

Why Do You Need Disk Repartition Software?

It is always necessary to divide a hard disk into a few partitions so that you can organize and manage the files stored on your computer simply. However, the size of each disk partition is not always reasonable, which may need you to repartition the disk partition. If you reallocate the disk space on the disk or format the disk partition, it may cause data loss. Therefore, you just need to use disk repartition software to resize the disk partition without touching data stored on the disk.

Disk Repartition Software Download

When a disk partition especially a system partition runs on low disk space, or when a data partition doesn’t have enough free disk space for storing more data, you can download disk repartition software (IM-Magic Partition Resizer) to resize the disk partition without reformatting the hard disk. IM-Magic Partition Resizer has different editions which are available for different Windows OS, so you can select a proper edition based on what operating system is running on your computer.

Disk Partition Software Windows 7

Windows 7 users can free download IM-Magic Partition Resizer Free to resize disk partition. It works on different types of hard drives on Windows 7. You may resize a FAT32 partition or NTFS partition without data loss. Without rebooting your computer, IM-Magic Partition Resizer Free enables you to extend, shrink or move disk partition with ease. It is 100% safe to redistribute disk free space. The software is available when system partition runs on low disk space, and data partition is running out of disk space and more other situations.

Disk Partition Software for Windows XP Free Download

If you are Windows XP user like me, you can also free download IM-Magic Partition Resizer Free to perform disk partition resizing. The software will not touch data stored on each partition during resizing, so you don’t need to backup or move any data before partition resizing. It is time-saving by using this software because it may only take a few seconds to complete the partition resizing. IM-Magic Partition Resizer Free should be a good choice fro Windows XP users, because it is impossible to run Windows built-in Disk Management to extend a partition on Windows XP OS.

Download Partition Software for Windows Server

Windows Server OS is often used by enterprise, so many people are not quite familiar with it. If any trouble occurs on Windows Server OS due to low disk space of disk partition, it can cause serious disaster. In order to protect Windows Server users from encountering such kind of problem, IM-Magic Partition Resizer Server is designed for Windows Server users to resize disk partition on Server operating system easily and effectively. It supports partition resizing on Windows Server 2000, Server 2003, SBS 2003, Server 2003 R2, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2 and so on. This partition software is able to free resize Windows Server 2003 partition and other Windows Servers whenever you run into problem about low disk space on system partition or data partition.

For Windows Server all versions ==> Download IM-Magic Partition Resizer Server

download server resizer to resize 2012 2016

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