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On this page, you can learn the way to extend C drive on Dell Server RAID 5 on Windows Server, Windows SBS Server and Windows Server R2.

Andrew Wright

Sept 25, 2014

by Andrew Wright

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Dell Server C Drive Resizer Download

Download IM-Magic Partition Resizer Server to expand C drive on RAID 5 on Dell Server when it is running out of space on Windows Server.

Expand Dell Server RAID 5 C Drive

extend c drive

RAID 5 provides a solution for data storage with better performance, lower cost and higher data security. However, since you save data to RAID 5 partition every day, the RAID 5 partition will run out of disk space. Have you ever run into low disk space on C drive on RAID 5 on Dell Server? If so, you can employ IM-Magic Partition Resizer Server to resize the RAID 5 partition without touching any data stored on the array. As long as there is enough free space on RAID 5, you can expand C Drive on Dell Server on Windows Server without backup data or reinstalling system.

Download IM-Magic Partition Resizer Server for all Windows Server OS.

download server resizer to resize 2003

How to Extend RAID 5 C Drive on Windows Server

resize partition

How to redistribute disk space in Windows Server 2003

Step 1:
Download, install and launch IM-Magic Partition Resizer Server. Right click a partition that has enough free space and select "Resize/Move".

Step 2:
You can move the arrows to shrink the selected partition. Then, you can see some unallocated space.

shrink large drive on server 2003

Shrink other large partition to produce free space for C drive

free space after shrinking other large server partition

Step 3:
Move the unallocated space close to C drive. Right click C drive and select "Resize/Move".

right click server c drive to extend

Right click c drive to get started with extending c

extend 2003 c


Step 4:
You need to move the arrows to extend C drive and then click "Apply" button.


Download IM-Magic Partition Resizer Server Edition

download server resizer to resize 2003

Advantages of Professional Partition Software

IM-Magic Partition Resizer Server provides easy and safe solution for Dell Server C drive resizing on RAID 5 on all Windows Servers. As professional partition software, IM-Magic Partition Resizer Server has the following advantages for C drive resizing:

1. No backup
With this partition software, you don’t need to backup data, because it provides secure way to extend C drive without touching any data on the partition. Thus, you can protect the disk data from losing in the transferring process.

2. No system reinstalling
You can rely on this partition software to extend C drive without reinstalling system, because it can perform partition resizing with system untouched.

3. No disk reformatting
You don’t need to reformat the disk to erase anything if you can use this partition software to resize C drive when there is no enough free space.

4. No rebuild RAID 5
This partition software works on RAID 5 array to extend C drive, so you don’t need to rebuild RAID 5 array when C drive is running out of disk space. Even if there is no available space on RAID 5, you can add new disk to extend C drive without rebuilding the RAID 5 array.

5. No rebooting
You can extend C drive space on Dell Server without rebooting your computer no matter the C drive partition is NTFS file system or FAT32 file system. This partition software enables you to extend C drive on Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012 and other Windows Servers. Even if the computer reboots due to other reasons during the partition resizing, this partition software will not hurt the operating system or disk data.

Extend C Drive on RAID 5 without Any Program

Some users don’t like to use any partition software but they want to fix low disk space problem on C drive with some traditional methods. The most common methods that users would like to use include:

1. Run "Disk Cleanup" tool to free up disk space on C drive
You can right click C drive and choose "Properties" option, and then click "Disk Cleanup" button. Finally, you can tick the files you want to delete to free up space. Usually, you can delete some Downloaded Program Files, Temporary Internet Files, Offline Webpages, etc. This method can help you free up little space on C drive, but it cannot solve the problem thoroughly.

2. Uninstall unnecessary programs and delete some old files
It is true that you can uninstall some unnecessary programs like games, and delete some old files to free up some free space on C drive. This method is good to free up C drive space, but it has limitations that you can only delete some unnecessary files. However, files on C drive are usually very important.

3. Rebuild RAID 5 array
Firstly, you need to backup all data on RAID 5 to another storage media. Then, you can add new disk to rebuild RAID 5. You need to reinstall system and reformat the disk, and then move the backup data back to RAID 5 array.

Well, if you feel it complex to extend C drive on Dell Server with solutions above, IM-Magic Partition Resizer provides the easiest solution for partition resizing. This Windows Server partition manager works on all Windows Servers to extend C partition without hurting the operating system.


For Windows Server all versions ==> Download IM-Magic Partition Resizer Server

download server resizer to resize 2003

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