Extend C Drive on 2003 SBS / Increase the Size of C Partition on Server 2003


This guide helps Windows SBS 2003 users resolve C drive partition low disk space problem. It is 100% secure and reliable to extend C drive on SBS 2003.

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Feb 28, 2021

by Andrew Wright

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Windows SBS 2003 C Drive Resizer Download

Download IM-Magic Partition Resizer Server to extend C drive so that users can fix low disk space problem easily.

Extend C Drive on 2003 SBS

extend c drive

IM-Magic Partition Resizer Server is reliable and safe partition manager for Server users to extend, shrink and move disk partition with ease. By using this software, users can solve low disk space on C drive problem easily. In addition to extend C drive, IM-Magic Partition Resizer Server also supports to resize other data partitions. This software is 100% safe for disk data and system. It supports both NTFS and FAT partitions on 32-bit and 64 bit version of Sever SBS 2003.

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Instructions on How Extend C Drive on SBS 2003

resize partition

How to redistribute disk space in Windows Server

Step 1:
Free download, install and start IM-Magic Partition Resizer Server on computer. Right click the volume that has a lot of free disk space and go to "Resize/Move"

Step 2:
After clicking the "Resize/Move", you may shrink the volume when you see the double arrows to the left or right, and click "OK" button, then you will see the free disk space.

Steps to resize your disk partition
Steps to resize your disk partition

shrink large drive on winddows server

Shrink other large partition to produce free space for C drive

free space after shrinking other large server partition

Step 3:
Right click c drive and go to "Resize/Move".

right click server c drive to extend

Right click c drive to get started with extending c

Steps to resize your disk partition
Steps to resize your disk partition

extend volume

Step 4:
You will see the free disk space close to the boot drive. Extend c drive rightward when mouse shows the double arrows. And click "Apply".

Download IM-Magic Partition Resizer Server Edition

download server resizer to resize 2012 2016

2003 SBS C Drive Runs on Low Disk Space

Windows SBS 2003, short for Window Small Business Server 2003, is popular among small business enterprises for its good performance and functions. However, many SBS 2003 users are bothered by some common problems on computer. For example:

  • PC runs slower and slower with unknown reason
  • Cannot save files or install program to system partition

Are you also bothered by these kinds of problem? In fact, these problems might be caused by a common reason – low disk space problem on SBS C drive. C drive is also known as system drive. When Windows Server C drive says low disk space alert, it will affect the performance of system and even cause system breakdown. Therefore, low disk space problem can not only slow down your computer, but also it may cause system breakdown or data loss. As you know, Server operating system can often store a large amount of data. If important data get lost due to system crash when C drive runs on low disk space, you may feel quite regretful. Therefore, if you often receive low disk space warning on C drive SBS 2003, you had better solve this problem as soon as possible to avoid unexpected disaster.

Extend Disk Partition SBS 2003 with IM-Magic Partition Resizer Server

For low disk space problem mentioned above, IM-Magic Partition Resizer Server provides the most reliable method to extend the C partition so that you can get rid of this problem easily. If you like to install programs on your PC frequently, C drive has the tendency to get full more easily, IM-Magic Partition Resizer Server is a good choice for you to extend the system partition before it runs out of disk space. Besides, you can also extend other existing data partition as long as you need.
IM-Magic Partition Resizer Server has the following advantages:

  • Works perfectly on all Windows operating system
  • Resize both system partition and data partition with FAT or NTFS file system
  • Users can complete the resizing easily without rebooting computer
  • Resize disk partition without moving disk data
  • Does no harm to system even computer reboot or turn off without any warning

What Should You Do before Extending C Drive?

Before you can extend C drive, you should make sure there is an unallocated space close to C drive? No unallocated space? You need to squeeze free space from another partition that has enough free disk space. Free space is not near C drive? Then you need to move the free space close to C drive. For example, if the free space is near F: drive, you need to move it close to E: drive first and then continue to move it close to C: drive. C drive can be extended only on condition that there is free space close to C partition. Should you backup or move files from C drive to another storage device or partition before extending C? No! IM-Magic Partition Resizer will not touch or modify any data from the disk when performing partition resizing.

How Long It Will Take to Extend C Drive on SBS 2003?

IM-Magic Partition Resizer Server, as the most powerful and efficient partition resizer tool, is able to help with C drive resizing in a quite short time. Every step you perform on the software will be shown in the "Pending Operations". If you make any mistake in the process, you can undo the operation. All changes will be executed within a few seconds after you click "Apply" button. Therefore, IM-Magic Partition Resizer Server is the most time-saving software for partition resizing on your computer.

For Windows Server all versions ==> Download IM-Magic Partition Resizer Server

download server resizer to resize 2012 2016

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