Extend C Drive with Nonadjacent Unallocated Space on Windows 7

Unallocated space is only showing under Disk Management. With existing unallocated space on Windows 7, you can create new volume or add it to another partition to increase its volume size because the partition reports low disk space warning message on PC. You may realize that you can extend a partition with contiguous unallocated space on its right under Windows 7 Disk Management. However, this article will introduce solution for C drive expanding when the unallocated space is not adjacent to C partition in Disk Management on Windows 7 computer.

Free to Extend C Drive with Contiguous Unallocated Space in Windows 7

Windows 7 Disk Management enables its users to extend volume with contiguous unallocated space, so you just need to access Disk Management on Windows 7 and add the unallocated space to C drive by following several steps:
Step1. Right click C drive under Disk Management and then click Extend Volume option.
Step2. Enter the amount of size that you want to add to C partition and then add the unallocated space to it.

Free to Expand C Partition with Nonadjacent Space on Windows 7

In most case, there is no existing unallocated space on your computer because you usually formatted every partition to make it available for data storage when you partitioned a hard disk on your PC. Therefore, you usually need to create unallocated space in advance if you want to extend C drive with unallocated space on Windows 7. The most common method to get unallocated space on Windows 7 is to shrink a partition that has enough free space. Usually, you just need to right click the partition that has much free space and then click Shrink Volume option so that you can get some unallocated space. However, the unallocated space is usually not adjacent to C drive no matter which partition you shrink.
Then, how can you expand C drive space with nonadjacent space on Windows 7? If you do not want to rely on any software, you may move the unallocated space close to C drive by deleting all partitions between C partition and unallocated partition under Disk Management.
It is not a good method to delete partition in order to move the unallocated space close to C drive because deleting will erase all data.

Can You Extend System Parturition with Unallocated Space from Another Hard Drive?

If there is more than one hard disk being installed on your computer, you may wonder if it is possible to move unallocated space from one hard disk to extend another hard disk C drive. The answer is no! Therefore, if there is an existing unallocated volume in Windows 7 Disk Management, the first thing you should do is to check if the unallocated volume and C drive are on the same hard disk. If you need to shrink partition or delete partition to get some unallocated space, you should also perform the operation on the same hard disk. You cannot extend C drive even with contiguous unallocated space from another hard disk.

Add Non-Contiguous Unallocated Space to C with Windows 7 Partition Manager

In addition to Windows 7 built-in Disk Management, you can also rely on Windows 7 partition manger to manage disk space on your computer. IM-Magic Partition Resizer Free is a partition tool which enables you to manage disk space easily. With this partition software, you can add unallocated space to C drive by moving the non-adjacent unallocated partition close to the C partition. This partition software has no limitation to help resize hard disk when you meet low disk space on C drive.

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