How to Extend Boot C Partition Server 2016 without Losing Data


How to extend boot c partition in server 2016 without losing data? You can use the best partition resize tool to resize the system partitions quickly.

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Although all windows servers come with partitions – the c drive and other partitions – it is advisable to resize partitions as the initial volume allocated to the partitions are not always enough especially the space allocated to C drive because it is the major storage of data in the system hence the need to extend resize boot partition server 2016.

Using the pre-arranged partitions is not the best option because the C drive gets filled too soon, making the system respond slowly. Imagine having to wait for hours because an app is loading or not responding. It’s exasperating!

However, there are simple ways to avoid or solve this low disk space problem. You can resize partitions or extend disk space. This way, you are sure to add enough unallocated space to c drive.

How to extend boot partition without data loss

This brings us to an important question – how do I extend boot partition or disk space?

Many a time, computer users are provided with the option of formatting their device in a bid to free up some space. While this is one of the ways to free up space when your c drive is running out of space, it is without [a] doubt a risky option to opt for as it puts you at a risk of losing important data stored in the computer device.

Using reliable third-party software like IM-Magic Partition Resizer is the most effective way to extend boot partition without formatting.

On the Windows server 2016 and any other system, the IM-Magic Partition Resizer Unlimited Edition works like contemporary application. All you’ve got to do is install the app and follow some easy-to-follow steps and your computer device would be restored to good working condition again.

The web-based version, IM-Magic Partition Resizer Server Edition, is also made available for those who would want the free-trail version.

With this freeware, you can do so much more than extend resize boot partition server 2016, you can shrink partitions, move partitions, clean up disk, copy partitions, create partitions, wipe disk, format partitions, defragment disk, delete partitions, hide partitions, and so much more.

Instructions to Resize Boot Partition Server 2016 with IM-Magic Partition Resizer

Besides being the most effective way to extend partitions and solve low disk space problems in windows, this tool also comes with easy-to-follow steps that any user – beginners and professionals alike can comprehend. These steps include;

1.Simply download, install, and run the application to launch it in your device.

2.Locate a large-sized partition from which you can get some free space to extend the size of the boot partition.

3.Select the resize option to release the free space.

Steps to Extend c drive with partition resize toolSteps to Extend c drive with partition resize tool

4.Move the freed space to the boot partition or any partition of your choice.

5.Click on the ‘apply’ option to effect the change immediately.

Then, sit back and watch IM-Magic Partition Resizer perform the magic.

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