How to extend system C drive SBS 2008 without reinstalling the Windows


C drive is full in Windows server 2008? Want to extend the c drive without data loss or reinstalling system? Here we will show you how to extend system c drive sbs 2008 without reinstalling Windows.

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How to extend system c drive sbs 2008 without reinstalling windows

Many users suffer from a very delicate situation; they become unable to extend the system C drive using Disk Management or any other plausible software or disk tool. This is a pervasive problem, yet it affects the multitude of users worldwide. The problem can arise in any Server edition especially SBS 2008, but other server editions and operating systems can also receive the same errors.

When nowhere to turn to users fall into a time-consuming trap, they think that only reinstalling the Windows or operating system can solve their problem. Because when selecting for a hard drive for choosing the location of the Windows one can perform any disk operation using that interface present during the installation.

No hurdle or administrative privileges are needed to perform a disk operation, but the lengths of trouble they all have to go are huge. For one simple process, they have to install the whole Windows.

Expand boot C volume is needed on Windows SBS 2008

In order to expand C drive or simply extend it in size a boot C volume is needed, this is the same volume though very small in size which allows the user to boot in their preferred operating system especially when they have two or more operating systems installed eventually.

The boot C volume needs to be expanded or extend its reach when another operating system is added to the list, and you can't boot to your desired operating system. That is why you will have to expand the boot volume as well. Yet you can’t seem to extend system C partition SBS 2008 .

Extend system C drive SBS 2008 with IM-Magic Partition Resizer Server/unlimited Edition

All disk operations can be conducted and fairly executed using the IM-Magic Partition Resizer Server/unlimited edition. It does not only expand, extend, merge, format but also repartition any volume present in the hard drive.

And the plus point is that you won't have to download any new features or let alone reinstall the windows to execute a simple set of the disk operations. It extends the system C drive SBS 2008 but also takes care of the boot C volume. The compatibility range of IM-Magic Partition Resizer Server/unlimited edition is also appreciable as it works fairly with all server editions including the SBS 2008 along with other Windows operating systems.

Here are few simple and straightforward steps and by using those you can extend the system C drive as well as boot C volume without ever needing to reinstall the Windows;

1. Download and install the IM-Magic Partition Resizer Server/unlimited edition and wait for it to properly analyze the disk drives.

2. After you have all the drive select the boot C volume or system C drive and right click over it. Now choose the "Move/resize" option, and a new window will open.

3. Drag the mouse to the right size in order to extend the C drive volume.

Steps to extend c drive in Windows server 2008Steps to extend c drive in Windows server 2008

4. Click "Yes" when asked for permission, after the process is done close the Window but before click "Save Changes."

Your system C drive or boot C volume has been successfully expanded without ever losing any data or reinstalling the Windows.

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