How to extend system partition on Windows sbs 2011 without data loss


If your system drive is in low disk space, you can extend the system drive with system tool in Windows or try some partition resize tool fix the low disk space problem.

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Windows SBS 2011 server is mainly used by business people to do office work. As you install different business applications and store business data, there would be a time when your system partition faces size issue. System partition is usually a C drive where your Windows is installed. This is the prime partition where the system boots from .

Most of the applications are also installed on system partition. The size issue cause your computer run slow. Some programs need space to run and may stop working or stuck while working. Deleting unwanted and temporary files do not help you much in this case. If you have good no of free space available in your other drives, then space on C drive can be increased by using extend feature in Windows.

Extend system partition SBS 2011

Extending system partition can be done using Windows built-in tool called disk management. Disk management gives you option to extend or shrink partitions. But there is a condition to extend your drives. There must be an unallocated space next to drive which you want to extend. As we are talking about extending system partition, the unallocated space must be next to C drive. You can think of shrinking the next drive but shrink creates an unallocated space next to source drive and not C drive. Disk management does not provide any move partition feature. There is another alternative. You can delete the next drive which creates an unallocated space next to C drive. Deleting drive means you are loosing valuable business data which you cannot afford. Now, how to extend your system partition?

As we saw that Disk management tool has limitations to extend partitions without loosing data. We should go for third party disk resizing software. These software are built to do such tasks.IM-Magic Partition Resizer is one of the best software among them.

Extend c drive with IM-Magic Partition Resizer Server edition/unlimited edition

With IM-Magic Partition Resizer Server edition/unlimited edition you can extend your system partition in simple way. You need not worry where your unallocated space is located. You resize your partition in seconds.

The process is very simple and easy. Download and install the trial version of IM-Magic Partition Resizer. Open the application. If you do not have unallocated space, right-click the drive next to C drive(system partition). Select resize/move partition. In the resizer window, drag the left border to right as shown below. Left dragging creates unallocated space on the left side.

Steps to extend system partition sbs 2011Steps to extend system partition sbs 2011

This way you have created an unallocated space next to C drive which is a requirement to extend your C drive.

Now, to extend your C drive, right-click the C drive. In the resizer window, drag the border as shown in the below picture to extend the drive and press OK.

Steps to extend system partition sbs 2011Steps to extend system partition sbs 2011

You see the extended C drive. To make the changes, Click on apply and commit. That’s it!! You have extended your system partition without loosing any data.

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