Extend Windows 10 System Partition C with Free Partition Software

Do you know that it is able to extend Windows 10 system partition C drive with free partition software? Probably, you did not pay much attention to it whether the disk space was allocated reasonably when you got a new computer and installed Windows 10 operating system. However, you may realize that the C drive has insufficient disk space after installing Windows 10 operating system. Or C drive gets full soon since you often like to save all data to desktop because data stored to desktop will occupy disk space on C drive. When there is not enough free space on system partition C drive, you need to extend the partition in order to prevent unexpected trouble. Usually, a free partition tool for Windows 10 enables you to expand size of C drive without touching previous data.

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Reasons for System Partition Extending on Windows 10

You need to extend system partition because it runs out of disk space on Windows 10, in which situation you may encounter many troubles. When system partition runs on low disk space on Windows 10, it will have influence on the performance of your computer. If you find that your computer runs quite slowly without any reason, you may check if system partition has insufficient free space. Sometimes, System partition low disk space might lead your computer to stop working normally. Sometimes, if you receive low disk space alert message on system partition, it means that you cannot wait anymore. You had better perform partition resizing on Windows 10 as soon as possible to extend system partition space in order to cause unexpected disaster.

How to Expand C Partition on Windows 10 Free?

There is some free solution for expanding system partition C drive space with Windows 10 built-in tool. Therefore, you do not need to rely on any third-party partition magic for windows server 2008 r2 free download with any of following methods:

1. Disk Management Windows 10 Command

As a matter of fact, Disk Management is free tool on all Windows operating system, which enables its users to manage disk space without losing data. Along with the development of technology, Windows operating system has many improvements in its Disk Management. For example, Windows XP Disk Management only allows users to perform some basic task like format partition, delete partition and change drive letter and paths. When coming to Windows 10 operating system, Disk Management allows users to resize hard drive by extend volume and shrink volume. It is an easy way to extend system partition by using Windows 10 Disk Management.
Disk Management

2. Windows 10 Diskpart Command

Windows 10 Diskpart command also enables users to extend disk partition, but the problem is that Diskpart cannot extend system partition or FAT32 partition. Compared with Disk Management, it is more complex to resize hard disk with Diskpart command.

Pay attention:

Contiguous unallocated space is always needed in order to extend C drive on Windows 10 whether you want to perform partition resizing with Windows 10 Disk Management or Diskpart command.

Increase Size of C Partition in Win10 by Repartition and Reinstall

When Disk Management and Diskpart command fail to increase size of C partition on Windows 10 due to any reason, you have another choice to fix the low disk space problem on C drive, namely repartition hard drive and reinstall operating system. If you want to reparation hard drive so as to increase C drive space on Windows 10, you should backup all important data to another storage device first of all. In order to reparation hard drive and reallocate disk space, you have to reinstall operating system after which all data will be lost.

How to Clean up System Partition without Expanding on Windows 10?

Since Windows system is installed on C drive, you had better not store other data or install programs on this partition. However, system partition space will still be occupied by some cookies, recycle bin files, setup log files, temporary internet files, etc. You can regularly perform disk cleanup on system partition in order to cleanup unnecessary data so that system partition space will not be occupied by many unnecessary files.

Freeware for Windows 10 System Partition Expanding

Today, many people often like to use partition software to extend system partition C drive to resolve the low disk space problem on Windows 10, because it is easy to handle and does not cause any damage to the hard drive. You can free download IM-Magic Partition Resizer to increase size of system partition on Windows 10 if you are looking for a free and easy-to-use partition software for partition resizing without using Windows built-in Disk Management tool. With the free partition software, you are able to extend system partition whether it has NTFS or FAT32 file system without rebooting PC or reinstalling operating system.

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