Free to Combine Hard Drive Partitions in Windows 10

There are so many partitions on Windows 10 that you want to combine two partitions together? One partition such as system partition is running out of disk space on Windows 10, so you want to combine another partition with C drive in order to increase the size of C drive on your computer? For whatever reason, there are several options for Windows 10 users to combine hard drive partitions on their computer easily.

Combine System Partition with Another Partition in Windows 10

If system partition runs on low disk space, it usually causes many troubles. Many PC users usually choose to delete files or use Disk Cleanup to free up disk space on C drive when Windows 10 reports low disk space warning message on system partition. However, few users know that they can combine system partition with another partition so as to increase the size of system partition on Windows 10.
Usually, you have two choices to increase the size of C drive on Windows 10 by combining system partition with another partition on your computer:

1. You can delete an existing data partition on the same hard drive on your computer and then add the deleted partition space to system partition. Usually, when you delete a partition on Windows 10, the deleted partition will turn to unallocated partition. You can merge the unallocated partition to system partition so as to expand the size of this partition on Windows 10.

How to delete a partition and then merge it to system partition?

Follow this guide: Open Windows 10 Disk Management > right click D drive and click Delete Volume option > when the deleting is completed, you can get unallocated space which shows close to C drive > right click C drive and click Extend volume option to add the unallocated space to it

>> Backup data first before deleting any partition because all data stored on the partition will be deleted at the same time when you delete a partition.
>> You can delete one or more partitions to create enough unallocated space. All deleted partition will show as an unallocated partition under Windows 10 Disk Management.
>> You need to delete partition which is contiguous to C drive if you want to add the deleted partition to C drive later because you cannot add nonadjacent unallocated space to C drive on Windows.
>> You can delete D drive to add it to system partition, but you cannot delete C drive to add it to D drive because Windows 10 does not allow users to delete system partition.
2. Without deleting any partition, you can run Disk Management on Windows 10 to squeeze unallocated space from D drive by shrinking this partition and then add the unallocated space to C drive by extending volume.

Combine Two or More Data Partitions on Windows 10

You can also combine hard drive data partitions on Windows 10 by following the steps below (Suppose you want to combine D drive, E drive and F drive):
Step1. Backup all data to another storage media like external hard drive.
Step2. Now, you can access Disk Management of Windows 10.
Step3. Right click E drive and choose Delete Volume option to delete E partition. Then, right click F drive and select Delete Volume option to delete F partition.
Sttep4. Right click D drive and click Extend Volume option to add the unallocated space to D drive.
Now, you can see that you have combine D drive with E and F drive successfully.

Merge Partitions Windows 10 Free with Partition Magic

There is free partition magic software which works as Disk Management on Windows 10 to mange disk space on your computer. IM-Magic Partition Resizer Free is such a free partition tool, so you can use it to merge partitions on Windows 10 when you meet any problem to combine partitions by Disk Management.

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