Free to Use Diskpart Command Line to Resize Partition Windows 7

Windows 7 users need to resize hard disk partition sometimes. There are several solutions for partition resizing in Windows 7, among which Diskpart command line is a possible choice. Do you know how to run Diskpart command line to resize disk partition on computer that runs Windows 7 operating system? This article will tell step-by-step guide for partition resizing with Windows 7 Diskpart command.

How Does Diskpart Command Work on Windows 7 for Partition Resizing?

How does Diskpart command line work in Windows 7 operating system when you attempt to use it for partition resizing on your computer? Simply say, you can use Diskpart command line to resize hard drive on Windows 7 by deleting volume to create unallocated space and then free partition software for server 2008 that runs on low disk space on your PC.

Step-by-step Guide for Partition Resizing with Win7 Diskpart

You can follow the steps below to resize hard drive by running Diskpart command line in Windows 7:

Step1. Make sure that there is unallocated space showing behind the partition you want to extend.

Unallocated space is very important if you want to resize hard drive to reallocate more free space to any of partition on this hard drive. If there is no contiguous unallocated space behind the partition you need to expand, you can run Diskpart to delete a partition on Windows 7 so as to produce some unallocated space.

In fact, there is another easy way to delete partition on Windows 7. You can open Windows 7 Disk Management and then right the partition you want to delete to delete it easily.

Step2. Add unallocated space to the partition you want to extend with Diskpart

After getting unallocated space behind the partition you want to extend, you can run Diskpart command line to add the unallocated space to this partition to extend it.

To extend a partition with unallocated space by Diskpart in Windows 7, you can follow this guide:

1. Run Diskpart command line on Windows 7

2. Select the disk and volume that you want to extend. For example, if you want to extend volume 1 on disk 1, you just need to input "select disk 1" and press "Enter" button. Then, you can input "select volume 1" and press "Enter" button

3. Input "extend size = xx" (here xx refers to the amount of space you want to add to the selected partition)

4. You can quit Diskpart command line after successfully extending the partition you want to extend.

Diskpart Failed to Resize Partition in Windows 7

Diskpart command line has some limitations, so you may find that Diskpart failed to resize partition when you run it on Windows 7. Here are some disadvantages of Diskpart command line:

1. Diskpart cannot extend system partition, so you can only use it to delete, shrink or extend a data partition on Windows 7.

2. Diskpart is not available for FAT32 file system, so you have to convert the partition to NTFS file system before you can run Diskpart to extend it in Windows 7.

3. Diskpart command line can only add the unallocated space to another partition when the unallocated volume is contiguous on the right side of the partition you want to extend.

Free to Resize Partition with Windows 7 Partition Software

On the one hand, you can run Windows 7 built-in partition magic namely Disk Management to resize partition on Windows 7. And on the other hand, you can use Windows 7 partition software to resize hard drive for free. IM-Magic Partition Resizer Free is a free partition tool, so you can run it in Windows 7 for partition resizing when you failed to use Diskpart command to resize partition.

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