How To Free Up Disk Space On Server 2016


This page will show you how to free up disk space and resize the partitions on the hard drive to extend the disk space on Windows server 2016.

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Spent disk space on Server 2016 is a common problem, so do not think the issue is peculiar to you alone. Everybody battles with the same thing on Server. This reason for this far-fetched. Server 2016 makes a whole lot of log files on your hard drive that your drive is soon clogged up with redundant files. Running out of space on your Server 2016 could really be a pain especially when you are working on a very important project and your computer slows, drags and makes all your computing processes a big drab one. There are many ways to free up disk space on Server 2016, however using IM-Magic Partition Resizer Server edition and IM-Magic Partition Resizer unlimited edition are the best and guaranteed ways.

Why You Should Free Up Space on Server 2016

The benefits of having free space on Server 2016 abound. For one, you would a fast performing PC. Your computer slouches when the drive, that is one obvious truth about an exhausted space. You do not want that, trust me. Another benefit of having free space on your Server 2016 is that you have more space for work activities. There is nothing more frustrating than having to run low on disk when you have so much to work on. There would be no end in sight in having PC issues if space on your Server 2016 is spent, as computer apps could crash o one after the other. You do not want to be in this situation. Ultimately, your OS could crash out suddenly making you lose all important files on your drive.

How to Free Up Space on Server 2016

There are many ways of freeing up your Server 2016, though most of them may not guarantee against losing important files. One common way to free up space fast is to empty your recycle bin. Files deleted off your hard drive do not get permanently off your system, they go sit on your hard drive in a different way. Because Server 2016 is known to make repeated logs overtime, delete files like Windows Pagefile.sys. This could take up so much space on your hard disk. Also, delete Windows Error Reporting files. They are unnecessary files on your computer.

Using IM-Magic Partition Resizer/Unlimited Editions to Create Space on Server 2016

IM-Magic Partition Resizer edition is a partition manage software that ensures you do not lose important files when you are freeing up space on your Server 2016. Make sure you have correctly installed the app. After installing the app, launch it. then, pick the hard disk you will like to resize by clicking “Resize/Move”.

Then shrink Then shrink

Steps to shrink volume and resize your c partitionSteps to shrink volume and resize your c partition

After created the unallocated space, then hold the cursor over the drive and begin the process of extending the partition.

Steps to shrink volume and resize your c partitionSteps to shrink volume and resize your c partition

Then click save to apply the changes.

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