Freeware for Windows 10 System Partition C Low Disk Space Problem

A freeware might be helpful with Windows 10 system partition C drive low disk space problem because you can use it to resize hard drive on your computer. Low disk space on system partition might result in unexpected trouble to the Windows 10 system. For example, it might have influence on the performance of Windows 10, in which situation your computer runs quite slowly or even reboots automatically frequently. If you are looking for free partition software to fix the problem about Windows 10 C drive running out of disk space, you can use IM-Magic Partition Resizer Free.

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About Windows 10 C Drive Low Disk Space Warning

Although almost everybody has one computer or notebook at least, few people have knowledge about it. When referring to computer’s hard drive, you probably only know that it is a device which can be used to save different kinds of data. However, when you encounter any problem on hard drive, you have no idea what to do. Windows 10 low disk space warning is a problem that often occurs on different Windows operating system. You usually receive low disk space warning message when a system partition C drive is running out of disk space. In fact, many people have encountered the similar problem on Windows 10, but they did not pay much attention to it and just ignored the message until it caused troubles to their computer. In fact, when Windows 10 reports low disk space on C drive system partition, it usually means that this partition runs very low disk space. Therefore, you should resolve the problem when you get low disk space message on Windows 10 system partition if you do not want to encounter further trouble.

Fix System Partition Low Disk Space Problem with Unallocated Space

When system partition runs out of disk space on Windows 10, the best solution is to resize hard drive with Windows 10 built-in tool or partition software. Simply say, the process to fix low disk space problem on Windows 10 system partition is to move some unallocated space from another partition to the system partition. First of all, you should check if there is enough free space on other partition on the same hard disk, and then you can squeeze some unallocated space from the partition that has enough free space.

Pay attention:

You can squeeze free space from one or more partition on the same hard disk to create some unallocated space so that you can add it to extend system partition on Windows 10, but you cannot move free space from one hard disk to another. Simply say, you can only extend system partition on Windows 10 with unallocated space on the same hard disk.

How to Create Unallocated Space for System Partition in Win10?

Even though there is free space on other partitions on the same hard disk on Windows 10, you cannot directly move it to system partition. What you need to do is to squeeze some unallocated space from the partition that has much free space. Here are some possible methods to crate unallocated space from Windows 10 disk partition:

1. Open Windows 10 Disk Management and shrink volume to create some unallocated space.

2. Run Diskpart command on your computer and create some unallocated space by deleting partition on Windows 10.

Failed to Resolve Low Disk Space on Windows 10 System Partition

After creating unallocated space with either of method above, you can add it to system partition so as to fix low disk space problem on your computer. However, you probably face another problem when attempting to add unallocated space to system partition on Windows 10:

1. Windows 10 Disk Management is grayed out when you right click system partition. Usually, you meet this problem because the unallocated space is not contiguous to the system partition.

2. Diskpart is unable to extend system partition on Windows 10. You may receive message that Diskpart cannot extend the selected partition when you want to add unallocated space to system partition on Windows 10 due to following reasons:

>> Diskpart is not available for FAT32 partition, which means that you can only perform operation on NTFS partition with Diskpart command.

>> Diskpart command only supports data volume, which means that you cannot resize system partition with Diskpart command.

Freeware to Fix Windows 10 C Drive Runs out of Disk Space

Without Windows 10 built-in tool, you can rely on partition software for Windows 10 to resolve C drive low disk space problem. IM-Magic Partition Resizer has no limitation to resize hard drive on Windows 10 when you need to fix C partition low disk space issue. This partition software enables you to shrink volume, move partition, extend partition, and delete partition, etc without modifying any data stored on the hard drive.


Download IM-Magic Partition Resizer Free Edition

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