How to Fix Low Disk Space Warning in Windows 7

Sometimes, you will receive an alert message telling that you are running very low disk space on local disk partition when you attempt to open any partition on Windows 7. Sometimes, you get this alert message when you boot Windows 7. Such kind of an error message usually shows on system partition, but sometimes you may also receive the same error message on a data partition on Windows 7. Usually, whenever you get the low disk space warning message in Windows 7, you had better right click the partition that shows this message and click "Properties" to check how much free space has left on this partition. If the partition (especially system partition) really runs on low disk space, you should make every effort to add some free space to this partition.

Solution for Windows 7 Data Partition Running out of Disk Space

It is easy to resolve the problem if it is a data partition that runs out of disk space on Windows 7. In most cases, you can ignore the error message if it is showing on a data partition. What you should do is to stop saving new files to this partition. If you insist on fixing the low disk space problem on Windows 7 data partition, you can try following things:

1. You can move some files to another partition. This is the simplest way to fix the problem, but you had better copy files from this partition to another one instead of cutting files in order to avoid data loss during cutting and pasting process. After moving those files to another partition, you can delete them from this partition and empty recycle bin.
2. You can show all hidden files and then delete all unnecessary files. You should remember to empty recycle bin if you want to free up disk space by deleting files on Windows 7 data partition.
3. You can also add another new hard drive as storage media in Windows 7. You should add a hard drive which is compatible with the Windows 7 if you want it to work normally.

Fix System Partition Low Disk Space on Windows 7

If the system partition runs on low disk space in Windows 7, you should attach great importance to this problem because low disk space on system partition has influence on the performance of your computer. Sometimes, it might even cause Windows 7 system crash due to system partition low disk space issue. Usually, it is useless to take the same measures to fix this problem on a system partition. Deleting or moving files from C drive might cause unknown trouble because you may mistakenly delete system related data.

If you want to fix issue when a system partition is out of disk space on Windows 7, you should redistribute disk space so as to add more free space to this partition. In order to reallocate disk space on Windows 7, you can run Windows 7 Disk Management to perform such a task.
Probably you know that you can shrink partition and extend partition under Disk Management of Windows 7, but you usually fail to add free space to system partition with this method because Disk Management does not allow you to move partition. If you really want to fix low disk space on Windows 7 C drive with Disk Management, you can follow the steps below:

Step1. Open D drive (which shows behind C drive) in My Computer and then move all files from D drive to another drive which has enough available space.
Step2. When D drive contains no data, you can open Disk Management. Now, right click D drive and click "Delete Volume" option to delete D drive.
Step3. D drive will show as unallocated space after deleting. Now, you can right click C drive under Disk Management and then click "Extend Volume" option to add the unallocated space to C drive.

Partition Software for Windows 7 to Resolve Low Disk Space Issue

You can also rely on partition software for Windows 7 to resize hard drive so that you can resolve the low disk space problem either on system partition or data partition easily. IM-Magic Partition Resizer Free is a free partition manger that is able to work on Windows 7 to fix low disk space on any partition without reinstalling system or touching previous data.

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