How to Speed up a Slow Windows Computer for Free

A Windows PC will slow down along with more and more programs are installed and data is stored to it. Whenever you open a link, write a document, play games or do anything on your computer, it will create temporary files to computer’s internal hard drive. Your PC will run slower and slower with more and more temporary files. Then, is there any way to speed up a slow Windows PC for free?

A Windows computer might run slowly due to some other reasons, such as:

>> You open too many programs or windows on computer
>> Hard drive contains too many fragmented files
>> System partition is running out of disk space
>> Windows PC contains too many junk files
>> Windows computer is infected with virus
>> Too much software is installed on C drive

6 Ways to Delete Unnecessary Files for Windows Computer Speed up

You can try following methods to delete or remove all unnecessary files to speed up a Windows computer when it runs more and more slowly:

1. Close all unnecessary programs or windows

Your PC will slow down if you open too many programs or windows at the same time, so you can close some unnecessary programs or windows to speed up your PC.

2. Clean up all junk files on Windows computer

You can delete all unnecessary files, temporary files, cookies and caches from Windows computer. In addition, you should empty recycle bin to delete all unnecessary data thoroughly. In a word, it is necessary to clean up all junk files to free up disk space on Windows PC.

3. Run Disk Cleanup to free up disk space on Windows

You can run Disk Cleanup tool on any Windows platform to free up disk space for your computer. You can run Disk Cleanup on Windows PC by following:

Right click a partition after open "My Computer" > select "Properties" > click "General" tab > click "Disk Cleanup" button > select files to delete and then click "OK" button

disk cleanup

4. Defragment hard disk drive on Windows PC

When you save data to hard drive on your Windows PC, a piece of data might be stored to the beginning of the hard drive while the rest data might be stored to the end of the hard drive. In this situation, Windows system needs to spend more time to retrieve the file fragments which leads your PC to run slowly. Therefore, you can defragment disk on computer to defragment files on each disk partition by following the guide:

Right click a partition after open "My Computer" > select "Properties" > click "Tools" tab > click "Defragment Now" button > click "Analyze" button

defragment disk

5. Uninstall unwanted programs

You can uninstall some unwanted programs that you no longer use it. This can also speed up your PC.

6. Run anti-virus software to scan and remove virus

Virus infection can cause system crash and lead your PC to run slowly, so you can run anti-virus software to scan if your PC contains any virus or spyware. Please remove the virus in order to speed up your computer.

Improve Windows Performance to Speed up PC

In addition to delete unnecessary files or remove cookies and caches, you can do something else to try to speed up your Windows PC. Windows performance optimization is a good way to improve the performance of Windows, with which you can turn of some unneeded desktop features so as to speed up Windows computer. You can optimize Windows performance on different Windows OS by following the guide below:

Optimize performance for Windows 10 8 7:

Click "Start" button > click "Control Panel" > click "System and Security" > click "Advanced system settings" > click "Advanced" tab and then click "Settings" button > click "Visual Effects" tab > click "Adjust for best performance"

optimize performance windows 10 8 7

Optimize performance for Windows Vista:

Click "Start" button > "Control Panel" > chose "System and Maintenance" > click "Performance Information and Tools" > click "Adjust visual effects" > click "Visual Effects" tab > choose "Adjust for best performance"

Improve performance of Windows XP:

Right click "My Computer" > choose "Properties" option > click "Advanced" tab > click "Settings" button under "Performance" option > click "Visual Effects" tab > select "Adjust for best performance"

Add SSD Drive or Reinstall Windows System for PC Speed up

You can reinstall Windows operating system to speed up your computer. Usually, it will improve the performance of your PC after system reinstalling. In addition, you can add an SSD drive to reinstall Windows OS on it to speed up computer because SSD drive usually runs faster than basic hard drive. You can add an SSD and reinstall Windows operating system if the hard drive installed on your computer runs on low disk space.

Fix Low Disk Space Problem on System Partition to Speed up Windows Computer

When system partition C drive is running on low disk space, your computer will also run slowly. In this situation, you can try to fix the low disk space problem by resize hard drive on Windows PC with following methods:

Method 1: Resize hard drive with Windows Disk Management

On Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, you can run Disk Management to shrink partition and extend partition so as to extend system partition. You should ensure that the unallocated space is contiguous to the system partition if you want to add it to the C drive.

Windows XP Disk Management does not have ability to shrink or extend partition, so you have to reinstall system and repartition hard drive if you want to increase the size of system partition on Windows XP with Disk Management tool.

Method 2: redistribute disk space with free partition software for Windows

Without any limitation, you can also use free partition magic software to reallocate disk space on Windows so that you can easily expand space of C drive. IM-Magic Partition Resizer Free is able to wok on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 for partition resizing, with which you can redistribute disk space and extend C drive without system reinstalling or repartition hard drive.

resize partition

Download IM-Magic Partition Resizer Free Edition

download free windows 10 partition software

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