Increase disk partition size Windows Server 2012 r2 with/without unallocated space


Disk space is low in Windows server 2012? Here you can increase disk partition size Windows Server 2012 r2 with or without unallocated space.

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Why need to extend partition with unallocated space?

“Not enough space” is one of the most common problems we face while running windows server 2012 r2. Since partition size is not infinite, today or tomorrow the disk space or c drive will be full. After filling up the partition, we will have 2 logical choices, first, you can free up some disk space which only works if it's the first time. Also, it's a temporary solution because freeing up don't add space to the partition. It just removes files and clears some space for you. The second choice is you can extend the partition size by adding space to it. Windows has a build in tool to manage disk partitions. But this tool has a lot of limitations. It can only add space to a partition when the unallocated space is at the right side of it. So unallocated space is very important for resize the partition or extend disk space. Disk partition needs to have enough space to keep the up the operating speed and add new software or updates.

What is unallocated disk space

Unallocated disk space means that it's not allocated or attached to any existing partitions. It's just a free space on the hard drive which can be used to extend a partition. You can also create a new partition on this unallocated space.

How to extend partition with unallocated space in windows server 2012 r2?

Before proceeding, you need to determine where is the unallocated space and the location of the partition you want to extend. The unallocated space can be at two possible locations.

Location one: The unallocated space is right behind the partition that you want to extend.

Location two: Unallocated space is not right behind the partition that you want to extend.

For location one, Increase partition size with unallocated space via Windows Disk Management

If the unallocated space is right behind the partition that you want to extend, you can use Windows’ built-in disk management tool to extend disk space. Necessary steps are:

Windows+R, write “diskmgmt.msc” in the box and press enter

Disk management will open. Now right click on the partition you want to extend. Now pick the option “Extend Volume” from the drop-down and click next.

If the option “Extend Volume” is not greyed out then you will be able to extend the partition easily.

When the “extend volume” is greyed out, you won't be able to use the Disk Management tool to extend partition volume. Now you have to use 3rd party partition tool to increase partition volume. Using third-party software to add unallocated space to the partition is your only hope now. Please note that 3rd software often knows as “data killer”. But there is one tool which is very reliable and completely safe.IM-Magic Partition Resizer is a software to help you resize the disk space. Just download it and use it to solve the partition management problem. Necessary steps are,

Download install and launch IM-Magic Partition Resizer

Right-click the partition and drag the border to acquire the unallocated space

Steps to increase partition space in Windows serverSteps to increase partition space in Windows server

Click Ok and apply the change/changes.

It's very easy, safe and reliable to use. You need not be tensed, you have successfully resized the partition to increase partition volume.

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