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Want to better manage your partitions? Want your hard drive perform better? You need to manage it well, with this wonderful partition magic tool, you can merge partitions,resize partitions easily.

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How to Merge Partitions for SBS 2008

There is a great deal of talk among the internet community about programs or tools which can help to merge partitions in Windows server SBS 2008 and many other servers as well. Whereas "Windows Disk Management " has substantially failed in completing this particular task. To merge partitions, the specific tool should be fully able to control all types of Disk Operations with administrative privilege.

Our classic product IM-Magic Partition Resizer seems to handle this problem with high efficiency. It is not any different from our previous product Partition Magic, all the features and functions are the same and in some areas improved and better as well. It can merge, delete, create, extend and shrink all types of partitions on mostly all versions of Windows including SBS 2008. You can easily merge partitions for SBS 2008 and many more functions at the same time.

Merge C and D partitions SBS 2008

Some of you will be facing the space issues on your hard drive or just fed up of having two or more partitions on a single disk, and may want to merge specific partitions say "C and D drive". Well, it can quickly be done using IM-Magic Partition Resizer with just a blink.

It does this work flawlessly, and none of your data is harmed or gets corrupted in the process, all your files and documents will be right there where you put them. And if you change your mind during the merging and want to end the process, you can do it as well. There is a "Roll-Back" function present in IM-Magic Partition Resizer which you can choose during the merging and all the changes happened so far will be undone. Your partitions will stay intact. So whichever partition you want to merge, do it without any hassle using IM-Magic Partition Resizer.

Instructions to Merge C and D drive

In order to merge different partitions follow these steps carefully;

  • Launch the IM-Magic Partition Resizer and wait for the disk map to load.
  • Once loaded, right click on C drive and choose the option "Merge Partition".
  • Now select the partition or neighbourhood drive to merge with C drive, i.e. let's say D drive.
  • Now select the location of merging which is C drive and allow the tool to merge partitions by clicking "Yes."
  • Apply these changes by confirming "Yes", and you will see a notification to reboot the system, select reboot now.
  • After the reboot, your partitions will be merged, and you will see a large C drive in your file explorer.

Merge partitions with IM-Magic Partition Resizer serverMerge partitions with IM-Magic Partition Resizer server

IM-Magic Partition serves those areas where Windows fails to do so, it will only take a few minutes to merge the partitions, and in the meantime, you will get an extended C drive on your system. If your operating system is other than SBS 2008, you can still merge and extend the partitions by using IM-Magic Partition Resizer.

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