How to Merge Unallocated Space to C Drive in Server SBS 2011

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Want to better manage the disk partitions? Want to merge two unallocated space to C drive? This article is about how to merge partitions to C drive without data loss.

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The problems with disk space management

Disk space is perhaps one of the most integral properties of servers. Disk space determines the overall quality of your computing experience. Sometimes we are left with too much space and sometimes with too little space. Experts recommend modifying existing space according to the needs and requirements of the time. It is time to look at tools that will make your life that much easier by taking care of the pesky digital problems that you may find unable to find time or effort to deal with.

The ultimate solution to merge partitions to C drive

We present you the best ultimate solution to all of the partition problems. The IM-Magic Partition Resizer server can do anything. You can do anything with your hard-drive while keeping all of your precious data as secure as Fort Knox. The partition manage software is 100% Free and is the best software of 2018 and sure as hell to be the best and primary hard-drive manager for the next years to come.

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Extend Partitions to C Drive with IM-Magic Partition Resizer

The IM-Magic Partition Resizer software is primarily designed to fulfil all the limitations that the users face in the disk partitioning and merging data with the software like partition magic.

These days, numerous private ventures are utilizing Microsoft SBS which is short for Small Business Server to do numerous things. Since Windows SBS 2011 is a compelling server innovation with the appropriate outline and cost for the little and medium ventures and an arrangement of sparing across the board server arrangement, and it can help enhance endeavor operational effectiveness. Also, it has some center capacities to address organization issues, for example, ensuring data security, propelled email and timetable capacities, database and business support, document and printer sharing, remote access.

How it can be great for Windows SBS 2011

Windows SBS 2011 contains two adaptations, one is SBS 2011 Essentials which is intended for private ventures for up to 50 gadgets and 25 clients and it is adaptable and simple to utilize. For little undertakings, as a flawless essential server, Windows Server Essentials can be utilized a multi-server condition. Another variant is Windows SBS 2011 standard which is composed with up to 75 clients and it is moderate for independent companies and it claims superior. Regardless of in which rendition, SBS 2011 gives clients comfort to work.

Wonderful tool for business organizations

In business, because of numerous highlights of SBS, many organizations handle official business in Windows SBS 2011. With the expansion of information, the information is coming up short on space and low circle segment issue dependably comes up, at that point perhaps your server runs gradually to influence the workplace productivity. Right now, numerous Windows clients will resize Windows SBS 2011 server parcel by contracting or stretching out segments to enhance the execution of plate and segment. A few clients will utilize the Windows worked in circle administration to resize SBS 2011 segment, however it is constrained, in light of the fact that the unallocated space must be behind the parcel that you need to resize, at that point you can resize and expand the segment, generally the Extend Volume is geyed out. With a specific end goal to evade a few inconveniences amid resizing allotment and effectively deal with clients' circle and parcel, picking a simple and straightforward strategy is astute. By what method will clients do to it? IM-Magic Partition Resizer will encourage you.

Merge partitions with IM-Magic Partition Resizer serverMerge partitions with IM-Magic Partition Resizer server

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So, if you are looking to merge unallocated space to create for a greater C drive server, follow these options with the help of the IM Magic Partition Resizer. Resize Partition – physically recoil an information drive and after that broaden C: drive with the free unallocated space. "Dispense Free Space" – simply select which drive to consume room from and after that add the free space to C drive. "Broaden Partition Wizard" – recoil one or all information drives in the meantime to expand C drive.

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