My Hard Drive Is Getting Full on Windows XP

What can you do when hard drive is getting full on Windows XP? If all partitions on a hard disk, you may add a new hard disk to store data. However, if it is only one partition that gets full but other partitions on the same hard disk still has lots of free space, you can resize the hard disk to reallocate more free space to the partition which is full on Windows XP. Then, do you know how to resize hard disk to extend a partition when it gets full on Windows XP?

Solution for Data Partition Full Problem on Windows XP

It usually contains two kinds of partitions on a hard disk, namely system partition and data partition. Data partition usually refers to all drives on a hard disk except the partition on which the Windows XP operating system is installed. If any data partition is getting full on Windows XP, you do not have to resize hard disk to reallocate disk space. As long as there is free space on any other partitions on the same hard disk, you just need to move some data from the partition that gets full to another data partition. Generally speaking, you can do following things if a data partition is full on Windows XP:

1. You can delete all unnecessary files from the partition to free up disk space

2. You can move some data from the partition that gets full to another partition

3. You can transfer some or even all data to an external hard disk

4. You can add a new hard disk for data storage on Windows XP

In addition to deleting or transferring files, you can also extend the partition size on Windows XP by Diskpart. You just need to run Diskpart command on Windows XP and follow this guide to extend a NTFS data partition on Windows XP: type list disk > type select volume x (x refers to the volume you want to extend like 1, 2, 3,…) > type extend

You should make sure that there is existing contiguous unallocated space showing on the right side of the partition you want to extend in order to successfully extend the selected partition with Diskpart. Besides, Diskpart is only available for NTFS data partition extending.

Fix Problem When C Drive Gets Full in Windows XP

C drive usually refers to the system partition. If C drive gets full in Windows XP, it might be impossible to delete to move data to save up disk space because all data stored on C drive is often very important. Although you can use Disk Cleanup to delete some temporary files, log files, setup files, etc, it cannot free up much space. Therefore, if C drive gets full and Windows XP reports low disk space on C partition, what you should do is to increase the size of C drive.

In order to extend C drive on Windows XP, you can try following methods:

1. You can reinstall Windows XP operating system and repartition hard disk so as to reallocate more space to C drive.

2. You can rely on Windows XP partition tool to redistribute disk space to reallocate more free space to system partition.

Windows XP Partition Magic for Disk Drive Full Issue

IM-Magic Partition Resizer Free is a partition magic that supports Windows XP operating system, so you can use this partition software to resize hard disk if you failed to fix the problem that hard drive is nearly full on Windows XP with all methods above. This partition software enables you to extend system partition or data partition without repartitioning hard disk or rebooting your computer.

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