How to Resize C drive for Windows Server 2016 without Losing Data


How to resize c drive for Windows server 2016 without data loss in Windows Server 2016? Find the best solution to resize partitions quickly.

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by Andrew Wright

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Is it possible to resize c drive Windows server 2016 without losing data?

More often than not, Windows users fail to create a different partition for their operating system or resize the disk space. This is the leading cause of the low disk space problem as the space allocated to the system partition is usually small yet it is the major store for the system data.

To combat this low-disk-space problem, it is advisable to extend c drive while installing the Windows server 2016.

With that said, I guess it is worthy to note that formatting your system in a bid to free up some space is not the best option as this puts you at a risk of losing important data stored in the computer. Is there another means to free up some space without formatting your system? If you are one of the millions out there who are in search of other safe means to resize c drive without data loss server 2016, then you are in luck as this article is drafted to help you do just that.

But first, what does it mean to resize C drive?

To resize C drive means to change the partition size allocated to C drive. This requires processes that involve shrinking a partition with a larger volume and moving the unallocated space to the c drive.

Extend C Drive with Disk Management Tool

Like most Windows, the Windows Server 2016 comes with a built-in utility tool called the disk management tool that helps to resize or extend the C drive.

Although this is a good way to resize c drive without data loss server 2016 and other servers, it comes with some limitations that make users unable to apply it in some cases. Some of these limitations are;

Both the shrink and extend volume options support NTFS partition only.

The Shrink volume option can only produce unallocated space on the right side of the partition you wish to resize.

Sometimes, it allows you to shrink only a small amount of space.

The extend volume feature is only applicable to partitions with adjacent unallocated space on the right side.

These limitations necessitated the use of reliable third-party software like the IM-Magic Partition Resizer that is sure to help you resize c drive without data loss and at any given time or condition.

How to extend C drive with Partition Software

Unlike the disk management tool, you do not have to deal with any limitations while using partitioning software like the IM-Magic Partition Resizer. Besides being an effective way to resize c drive without data loss, it is ridiculously easy to use. With a few easy steps, your computer device is back to good working condition. The steps involved include;

First, download, install and launch IM-Magic Partition Resizer server/Unlimited Edition by running the app on your system.

Second, find the list of disk partitions and select the partition whose size you want to change or edit.

Third, move the cursor on the drive volume and start shrinking or extending the size according to your need. Remember to stop when the needed size is reached.

Steps to increase disk partition space Steps to increase disk partition space

Fourth, move the unallocated space to the C drive partition to increase or extend its volume.

Fifth, click on the apply change option to save changes and effect your request immediately.


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