100% Free to Fix Low Disk Space Problem on System Partition in Windows XP

When you perform on Windows XP, you may get a warning message telling that system partition is running on low disk space. If you receive low disk space alert on Windows XP C drive, it usually means that you may be unable to download and install Windows updates or install any new program to C partition. Your PC may run slowly or run into some other problem if Windows XP keeps saying low disk space warning on system partition. Therefore, this article will tell you how to resolve low disk space problem on Windows XP C drive for free.

Freeware to Fix Low Disk Space on Windows XP C Drive with Partition Software

You may solve the low disk space issue on C drive temporary by performing disk cleanup on Windows XP, but the free space will be eaten up by new data or Windows update soon. If you want to fix the problem thoroughly, the best way is to increase the size of system partition on Windows XP.

To extend system partition on Windows XP, you need to rely on partition software. IM-Magic Partition Resizer Free is a free partition magic for Windows, so you can use it to expand size of C drive on Windows XP to fix low disk space problem.

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Why Windows XP Says Low Disk Space on System Partition?

Usually, Windows XP reports low disk space warning in the notification area on the taskbar of your computer when the available space on system partition is less than 20MB. You can hardly do anything with only 20GB free space on C drive, so Windows XP alert the low disk space warning message to fix the problem by deleting some files. Usually, system partitions runs out of disk space on Windows XP due to following possible reasons:

1. The hard drive you install on Windows XP is too small, so you only allocated a little space to system partition when partitioning the hard drive on your computer.

2. You did not allocate disk space to each partition reasonably when partition the hard drive on Windows XP. You only allocated a little space to C drive because you do not think you will save too much data to this partition.

3. You have installed too many programs on system partition, which occupy all free space on system partition on Windows XP.

Fix Low Disk Space Issue on System Partition on Windows XP with Disk Cleanup Tool

Instead of deleting files or uninstalling programs on Windows XP, you can run Disk Cleanup tool to safely delete some unimportant data like Internet temporary files, Recycle Bin files, Setup Log Files, etc from C drive so as to free up disk space on your computer.
In order to perform disk cleanup on system partition on Windows XP, you should know how to open Disk Cleanup tool on your computer. Disk Cleanup is Windows built-in tool, which can be open by any of following methods:

Method 1: Double click My Computer on Windows XP desktop > right click C drive in My Computer and click Properties option > click Disk Cleanup button under General tab

Method 2: Click Start button on taskbar of Windows XP and click Run > type cleanmgr in the Run box and then press Enter > select the C drive and click OK button

Method 3: Click Start button > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > click Disk Cleanup > select C drive and click OK button
After open Disk Cleanup tool on Windows XP, you can select the files you want to delete and then click OK so that you can delete all selected files and free up disk space on system partition.

Last updated on 01/05/2021

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