Server 2008 R2 or SBS C Drive is Red and Low Disk Space Warning


Server 2008 r2 or SBS c drive is red and shows low disk space warning? You can fix this problem with the best partition manage tool easily now.

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Server 2008 r2 or SBS c drive is red and low disk space warning

Windows SBS series always had an edge over other operating systems because of its reliable features, useful tools, and added valued updates. One of the main reason for this is because Windows SBS does not compromise on the computer speed, efficiency, and compatibility with various programs. However, the low disk space warning is common in Windows Server 2008 R2 and latest versions. You won’t know when the c-drive became red and you will be receiving low disk space problems time-by-time.

Windows Server 2008 SBS Drive Red Low Disk Space

The most common reasons that c-drive becomes red and shows low disk space warning are due to program updates, temporary files, malware or a virus. It is recommended to scan your computer for viruses before applying any of the solutions listed below.

Delete Unused Programs: Go to the control panel and double click on “Add/Remove Programs”. Delete all the unused application programs to free up disk space from c-drive.

Disk Cleanup:Open the windows explorer and right click in c-drive and click on properties. Then click on Disk Cleanup and complete the process.

Temp Files: Enter Windows+R, then type %temp% and press OK. Now delete all the files that appear in the new window. There can be hundreds of files in the folder. Don’t worry, because deleting these files cannot harm your computer in any way.

If applying these steps did not help to free up disk space, you will need to extend disk space to get rid of the low disk space warning.

Though Disk Management utility allows you to extend disk partitions, but it has certain limitations. First, you cannot extend the c-drive if there is another partition between free space and c-drive. Secondly, there are huge data loss risks. Therefore, it is recommended to use a third-party dedicate disk management software with more control on disk operations.

Extend C Drive with IM Magic Partition Resizer

IM-Magic Partition Resizer is a third-party disk management utility to create, delete, format, resize, shrink, and extend data partition within minutes. The user-friendly and easy-to-use interface of IM-Magic was specifically created for non-tech people looking forward to undertaking disk operation. Follow these steps to extend c drive using IM-Magic

Open the IM-Magic Partition Resizer

Right, click on the data partition you want to shrink and click on “Resize”.

Drag the mouse on the storage-bar to the left and shrink the space.

Steps to fix c drive in low disk space in Windows serverSteps to fix c drive in low disk space in Windows server

If the grayed-out space is not adjacent to the c-drive, keep dragging it to the left until it reaches right next to c-drive.

Now right click on c-drive, click on “resize” and then acquire the unallocated space to extend c-drive.

Steps to fix c drive in low disk space in Windows serverSteps to fix c drive in low disk space in Windows server

IM-Magic Partition Resizer Server Edition lets you shrink, extend, and resize disk partitions while IM-Magic Partition Resizer Unlimited Editions offers complete access to disk partitions. Note that using IM-Magic doesn’t include any data loss risks because all system and application files remain untouched during the process.

However, if you are still unable to free up disk space after following the above steps, it is the time to add a new hard drive to your computer. Or shift to a bigger one. In case of further questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a reply below.

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