How to Shrink Partition and Extend System Volume on Server 2016 without Formatting


C drive is in low disk space but has no unallocated space to extend it? Don’t worry, here you can shrink partition and extend system volume on server 2016 without formatting.

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Is it possible to shrink volume and extend partition?

When do you need to shrink and extend partition server 2016? Situation when you have a large partition and want to create a new one or when there is not enough space on the volume to install programs or store files specially on C drive.The resize partition task-shrink or extend can be done using built in disk management tool.

Shrink/extend partition with built in disk management tool

In Disk management, select the volume that you want to shrink. Right click and select shrink. And then you can specify the amount of space to shrink and click on shrink. A new unallocated space will be created next to the volume. This unallocated space can be formatted to create a new drive.

With extend option, you can expand your existing drives. Resize your C drive is important if there is not enough space available on C drive . Extending your C drive or any drive from disk management tool is simple. Select the drive that you want to extend and select amount of space you want to extend. That’s it!

However, there are many limitations of disk management tool that does not allow you to resize-extend/shrink your drives. For example, the drive cannot be shrunk beyond the point where unmovable files are located. To create a new partition you have to format the drive and divide the space.

In the case of extending drive, you would not see extend option enabled. The reason is that to extend a drive, an unallocated space is required next to your target drive. Let’s say you want to extend your C drive, an unallocated space must be there behind your C drive. If it is not, then you cannot extend your C drive even after shrinking your D drive which is next to C drive. The unallocated space is created next to D drive. So in this case also, to extend your C drive, you are left with only format option. Formatting D drive creates an unallocated space. This is not recommended as you are loosing data from D drive.

IM-Magic Partition Resizer helps you in achieving the goal of shrinking and extending drives without loosing data. You can download and install the trial version of IM-Magic Partition Resizer.

Resize partition with IM-Magic Partition Resizer Server edition/unlimited edition

Shrink your drive

In the above example, we discussed about the unmovable files causing drive not to shrink beyond a certain point. But withIM-Magic Partition Resizer Server edition/unlimited edition you can shrink the drive to the size you want.

Install IM-Magic Partition Resizer Server edition/unlimited edition and follow the below steps:

1. Open IM-Magic Partition Resizer .

2. Right click the drive you want to shrink drive and select Resize/Move Partition:

3. Drag the left border to shrink and press OK. Left drag creates unallocated space on the left side.

Steps to shrink or extend partition in Windows serverSteps to shrink or extend partition in Windows server

4. The size of the drive is reduced and an unallocated space is created.

Move your unallocated drive

If you want to extend your C drive and unallocated space is not next to C drive. Follow these steps:

1. Perform the above step1 to step2 to come to resize option window.

2. You see a move cursor(four arrows pointing to different directions). Just click and drag the unallocated partition and place it to the right side of C drive.

Extend your drive

Now you have moved your unallocated sapce next to your C drive, you can extend your C drive by following these steps:

1. Follow the same above step1 to step2.

2. Drag the border as shown below to extend the C drive and press OK.

Steps to shrink or extend partition in Windows serverSteps to shrink or extend partition in Windows server

You will see the C drive with extended size. Click on Apply changes and press OK to commit the changes:

That’s it!! It is so easy with IM-Magic. You can visit the below site to know more about the product and its different editions:


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