How to shrink/extend the volume on Windows Server 2008

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If you do not manage your hard disk space, you will find your computer run slower and slower, but with the solutions introduced in this article, you can easily shrink or extend the volume of your hard disk on Windows server 2008.

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Why you need to shrink or extend the partitions

The data storage space on the partitions is allocated at the time of installing the windows server 2008. However, the allocated space to each partition may not meet your needs and c-partition gradually becomes full – causing speed issues to the PC. This can happen due to the following reasons

1.The c-drive was allocated much less space

2.C-drive needs more space to manage programs and features of the computer

3.The system is showing “full disk space” but it is not full – this often happens due to viruses.

First, try the following actions to resolve any space problems from the system partition.

1.Delete unused programs and files from the c-drive

2.Delete the temporary files – Press window+r and then type %temp% in the dialogue box and press enter. Delete all the temporary files from the folder that shows up.

3.Run the disk clean-up utility

Basic storage errors are most likely to be resolved by the above actions. However, if the problem persists, try the following solutions to extend disk partition on server 2008.

Shrink extend partition under disk management server 2008

To shrink volume on windows server 2008, follow the steps below

1.Open the Disk management utility

2.Right click on the partition, let’s say data storage partition, and click on “Shrink Volume”

3.A dialogue box will appear, add the value of how much you want to shrink the volume

4.Click on “Shrink” and the new space will be marked as unallocated

To extend disk partition on windows server 2008, follow the steps below

1.Open the disk management utility

2.Right click on the partition, let’s say c-drive, and click on “Extend Volume”

3.Similarly, type in the space you want to add in the partition to extend the volume

4.Click on Finish

This operation will only become successful when there is an unallocated space available at the left side of the c-drive. Shrink, extend the partition on windows server 2008 includes a risk of losing data. Therefore, it is recommended to either take backup of your data or use a third-party partition magic software for Windows server 2008 .

Third-Party Partition Resizer: IM-Magic Server Edition

Extending or shrinking the disk using a third-party partition software is reliable fast, and easy. IM-Magic Server Edition is one of the best partition-resizing software that allows you to shrink, resize, and manage the disk without any kind of data loss. Follow the below steps to shrink/extend the volume on windows server 2008

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• Open the IM-Magic Server Edition

• Right click on the data storage partition and click on shrink volume

• You can shrink the volume by dragging the mouse on the colored line.

• The free space will be marked as unallocated space and turns out grey.

• Make sure the unallocated space is next to the system partition to extend the c-drive.

• Right click on the c-drive and add the unallocated space to it.

Extend partition on Windows server 2008Extend partition on Windows server 2008

If there is no unallocated space available on the data storage partitions, you have outgrown your hard disk. In such cases, it is recommended to delete the unnecessary files or change to a bigger hard disk.

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