Shrink Partition and Resize c-drive SBS 2011


This page is about how to shrink volume and resize c drive in server 2011 if you want to extend c drive but have no unallocated space.

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Windows Server 2011 comes with a lot of new features and added updates specifically featured for office use. The extensive partition tools and updates provided in the SBS 2011 are the foundation of low disk space and the main reason why SBS users experience low storage problems in system drive. One downside of SBS 2011 is that it doesn’t allow the users to resize or allocate the amount of space to partitions at the time of partitions – thus leading to storage space problems after installation.

Shrink Partition and Resize c drive SBS 2011

Has your c-drive suddenly become full? you haven’t installed any new programs lately, but the c-drive is getting full day by day. Well, this can occur due to the following reasons

The added updates of the Windows SBS 2011

Temporary files generated by the system and application software

Disk partitions viruses

With this extraordinary office-oriented operating system, you cannot really do anything about the updates if you want to enjoy all features of SBS 2011. When it comes to temporary files, press window+r, and type “%temp”. Delete all the files present on the new window and you will be able to free some GBs off the c-drive. Furthermore, scan your computer for viruses because sometimes the system may only show the disk as full while free space is available.

If the above solutions fail to overcome your disk space problems, keep following the methods below.

Resize partition with Disk Management

When it comes to solving disk problems, people often find ways to solve it without having to install a software. Well, the built-in disk management tool of SBS 2011 allows you to shrink and resize c-drive easily. However, this method is only applied when you have the partitions (the one to shrink and c-drive) adjacent to each other. If there is another partition between the unallocated space separated by the disk management and c-drive, you cannot resize c-drive using disk management only.

It is recommended to use a dedicated disk management software that provides an easy access to all disk partitions.

Resize Partition with Third-Party Tool: IM-Magic Partition Resizer

IM-Magic Partition Resizer is certainly the best yet easiest solution to solve all your disk solutions without formatting. The unlimited edition of IM-Magic Partition Resizer provides 100% control and extensive features to operate disk partitions effectively. Here is how you can shrink the data partition and resize c-drive windows server 2011

Download, install and open the IM-Magic

Right click on the data partition with enough space to shrink and drag the storage bar

Steps to shrink volume and resize your c partitionSteps to shrink volume and resize your c partition

The separated space will be grayed out and called unallocated space

Now keep dragging the space to the left side until it is adjacent to the c-drive

Right click on the c-drive and drag-in the unallocated space to resize the partition

Steps to shrink volume and resize your c partitionSteps to shrink volume and resize your c partition

Press OK and the c-drive will be extended

Note that all the files and programs on the system remain untouched during the process – excluding all data loss risks. For further information about the IM-Magic free, professional, server, and unlimited version, click here.

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