What is taking up space on my hard drive windows and how to extend C drive


When you find your system drive is almost full, you may wonder what is taking up the space on your hard drive, this article will show you and help you to extend your C drive to expand the boot drive. and how to resize disk space, then the use of IM-Magic Partition Resizer SERVER edition on extending the partitions.

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What is taking up space on my hard drive windows 10 and windows 7

Your drives are getting full and you start seeing red bars for your drives in your hard disk. You are unable to install any new program.

There are many reasons that eat up your space on your hard disk:

1.Virus: There are viruses which causes space problems. They are hidden and keep spreading and occupying space. The only solution is to run anti-virus scan on your computer and remove them.

2.Uncleared files from Recycle bin: Just deleting files from your hard disk does not mean you will gain space on system unless you delete them from the recycle folder.

What is taking up space on my hard drive windowsWhat is taking up space on my hard drive windows

3.Dump and temporary files in user profile directory: There are programs on your system which are crashing or creating large number of error and dump files. These files also occupy large space on your hard disk. You can delete them from your temporary profile directory. To go to your profile temp folder, open Run and type %TEMP%. you will see many files lying over there. Delete these files and if you are unable to delete some of them as they are being used currently, delete them afterwards when they are not in use.

4.Windows temporary files: The Windows update and the software that you are installing create one time temporary files for their own use. These files are cleared off after installations, however, sometimes some files are not removed and you can delete them manually from the temp folder.

5.Use cleanup tool if you are not sure which files to be deleted. Choose the type of files to be removed from the tool and the tool will let you know how much space will be freed.

6.Internet files:The internet browsing requires you to do housekeeping of history and cache files to make your browsing fast. Removing these files release large space if you have not done housekeeping on your browser for a long time.

7.Installed programs no longer required:There are programs which you have installed sometime back and you do not need them or you have alternate program installed and you are using it more often than the other one. You can uninstall these programs and it’s associated files.

8.Old data: There is a lot of data,image and video files which you can compress and delete those which are not required.

These are basic steps to resolve hard disk space issues.And if these solutions do not help you then you must expand or resize your drives. Expanding or re-sizing your drives will help you in installing new programs and also make your system run faster. You can do this from Windows built-in disk management tool. There are limitations of this tool and requires good functional knowledge in disk management activity.

There are freeware disk management tools available in the market which are simple to use and does not require any expertise to perform these disk management tasks.

Extend C Drive with Partition Manage Freeware

IM-Magic Partition Resizer is a free software and performs most of the tasks that you want to do including drive extension. The software is designed for users of all type. It is very easy and simple to perform tasks like extending, shrinking and resizing drives. The tool is safe to use as it does not touch your data when you do the activity. The roll-back feature ensures your data is intact even if the computer shuts down accidentally while performing the activities. It is available for all Windows versions, and supports almost all the storage devices.

Video Tutorial to Extend C drive on Windows

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