Fix Extend C Drive Greyed Out in Windows 10 with Freeware


In Windows 10, extending the C Drive is grayed out using the Windows inbuilt Disk Management tool. If you are using this kind of Windows, you most probably will encounter this problem when you try extending your partition. It is always a nightmare for users. For a long time, so many people could not get around this. However, presently, there are a few ways of getting around this. And out of those few ways, only a number of them are safe and guarantees against loss data.

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Updated on 18/8/20

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Reasons for Drive Extending

shrink volume

There are so many reasons why a computer user would want to extend their C drive. Reasons for this really abound. Topmost of those reasons is that you are running out of space and you some more additional space for your files. We are in the age when we have to deal with large data that eat so much into our hard disk space. So if you do not have an external drive to rely on, extending your C drive is the only option you got. Another reason you may want to extend your C drive is to improve the performance of your computer. When your computer runs on very low disk space, the performance of your computer is affected. Also, the C drive is extended to save the computer from a crash, which could make you lose very valuable data. Those and many other reasons why the C drive is extended.

Freeware IM-Magic Partition Resizer Free to Extend c Volume on Windows 10

The freeware IM-Magic Partition Resizer free edition software allows you to solve the greyed out issue with Windows 10 with ease. The best thing about the IM-Magic free edition is that you do worry about losing any data in the process. IM-Magic allows you to extend your C Drive with few easy steps.

Extend partition with freewareExtend partition with freeware

download free windows 10 partition software

Video - how to extend partiton with Freeware Partition Resizer

Resizing disk with disk management in Windows 10 could also let you enable extend volume option for partition extending.

Video - how to shrink volume in Windows 10 to enable extend volume

Reasons C Drive Extension Doesn’t Work With Windows 10

Even though so many people have encountered this problem, not many know the why extending C drive in Windows 10 is greyed out. There are some reasons why that is so. The first most probable reason why the extension is greyed out is that your PC does not have unallocated space. There is no way you can carry out a drive extension without the having an unallocated space. Also, in the case that such space is available, the problem may be that it is not near the C drive you want to extend. The second reason is that the inbuilt Windows Disk Management you are trying to use does not work with on a FAT partition. If your C drive is a FAT partition, the inbuilt utility would not work as it works with only NTFS partition. The third reason is that the C drive partition is the one holding your boot files. If that is the case, then the process would not work.

Extend C drive with Windows system toolExtend C drive with Windows system tool

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