Repartition Hard Disk in Windows 7 with Freeware without Reinstalling

You can repartition hard drive on Windows 7 to reallocate disk space, fix low disk space problem or create a new volume. No matter why you want to repartition hard disk in Windows 7, the important thing is that it is necessary to look for a safe and reliable solution for disk repartition. Therefore, this article will introduce how to repartition disk drive on Windows 7 free and safely without different methods.
Solution 1: Repartition Hard Disk with Win 7 Disk Management
Solution 2: Windows 7 Partition Software to Repartition Disk

Why Repartition Disk on Windows 7?

Here are some possible reasons that you may need to repartition disk on Windows 7:
1. You can repartition hard drive to fix low disk space on C drive or other partition on Win 7
2. Repartition hard drive to add a new volume on Windows 7
3. Repartition hard disk to reallocate disk space more reasonably

How to Repartition Hard Drive in Windows 7 with Disk Management?

In order to repartition hard drive in Windows 7 Disk Management, you need to open the Disk Management first of all. After entering the disk management tool on Windows 7, you can repartition hard disk by shrinking partition, extending partition, delete partition, and create new partition and more.

1. Shrink partition

Shrinking partition is an important step if you want to repartition hard drive on Windows 7. Usually, you can get some unallocated space by shrink a partition.

To shrink partition under disk management in Windows 7: right click the partition you want to shrink > select Shrink Volume option > enter the amount of space you want to shrink and click Shrink

2. Create new partition

You can repartition hard disk on Windows 7 so as to create a new partition. If you want to create new partition on Windows 7, please follow: right click the unallocated space after shrinking a partition and click New Simple Volume > assign a drive letter and then format the volume into a proper file system which can be recognized by Windows 7

3. Extend volume

Many PC users want to repartition hard drive in order to extend space of volume on Windows 7. For example, you may want to extend system partition on Windows 7 because it reports low disk space warning message on C drive. If you want to perform partition expanding under disk management, you need to make sure that the unallocated space is right behind the partition you want to extend, and then right click the partition that needs to be extended and select Extend Volume option > enter the amount of space you want to add to the selected volume and then click Next button > click Finish

Repartition Software Free for Windows 7 Disk Reallocating

If you fail to repartition hard drive by built-in Disk Management tool on Windows 7, you can use repartition software for Win 7. IM-Magic Partition Resizer Free is a repartition tool, which is able to free redistribute disk space on Windows 7 32 and 64 bit. A featured function of this repartition tool is that it has the ability to move partition. Many Windows 7 users fail to extend volume by disk management because it cannot move unallocated space close to the partition they want to expand. With the Windows 7 repartition software, you can easily move unallocated volume close to any other partition so that you can add the unallocated space to the drive you want to extend. This repartition tool does not harm to your computer, disk data or the hard drive whenever you use it to repartition hard drive on Windows 7.

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