Setup Disk Space Threshold Windows Server 2008 and Prevent Low Disk Space Error

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This page is about how to setup disk space threshold in Windows server and prevent low disk space error.

Andrew Wright

June 2, 2022

by Andrew Wright

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Incessant low disk space error messages could be a user’s worst nightmare. This could even make you sore when using Windows Server 2008. It is Windows norm to alert when you are running out of space as a forewarning to prevent a sudden system crash or slowness. It is just the normal rule. However, the frequency at which the alert comes could always get on a user’s nerves. Knowing how to configure your low disk alert problem could help you alter how you alerted or remove it altogether. The best solution, however, is to know how to totally fix the low alert system on Windows Server 2008 by using the IM-Magic Partition Resizer Server edition and IM-Magic Partition Resizer unlimited edition.

Reasons Why You Should Prevent Low Disk Space Error

Preventing low disk space error is important if you do not want to keep getting frequent notifications about your low disk space error. Sometimes low disk space may not necessarily mean your disk is absolutely low. You may still some space on your disk that you could still work with for some time. Low disk space error could also come if you put your disk space threshold had been set to a certain place. For instance, if you peg your low disk threshold at 900MB, you may begin getting error messages warning that your disk space is running low. To solve that problem, you should change the threshold and lower it to accommodate more data without warning you.

How to Configure Low Disk Space Alert and Low Error on Windows Server 2008

Open the command box by pressing your Windows key and R together at the same time. Then, type in “regedit”. Among the codes that come next, find HKEY_CURRENT_USER folder and expand the folder with (+). Keep increasing the folders till you are at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion. Click on the Policies, pick Edit, then click on New and then press “Key”. Change name from “New Key #1” to “Explorer”. In this Explorer folder, follow aforementioned instruction to creating folders and enter DWORD (32-bit) Value. After that is created under Explorer, it be will named New Value #1. Change the DWORD to NoLowDiskSpaceChecks and press Enter. Modify this newly created folder and pick Modify. Change the zero to 1 in the Value space and click Ok.

Fixing the Problem Entirely with IM-Magic Partition Resizer/Unlimited Editions

It is not enough to change Windows low disk space alert, learn how to fix the problem by using IM-Magic Partition Resizer/Unlimited Editions to partition your hard disk. After installing the app, launch it. then, pick the hard disk you will like to resize by clicking “Resize/Move”.

Then shrink the disk close to the one you want to extend.Then shrink the disk close to the one you want to extend.

Steps to resize your partitionSteps to resize your partition

After created the unallocated space, then hold the cursor over the drive and begin the process of extending the partition.

Steps to resize your partitionSteps to resize your partition

Then click save to apply the changes.

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