Cannot extend c drive on windows server 2016


This page is about how to extend C drive on Windows server 2016 when you cannot extend volume, I will introduce some very useful solutions to extend C drive without data loss.

Andrew Wright

June 2, 2022

by Andrew Wright

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I Cannot Extend C Drive on Windows Server 2016

If you’re using the Windows Server 2016 OS, you may encounter the problem the disk space every now and then – especially the system partition. System partition is always responsible for accommodating all the data of system programs and application. Therefore, it is most likely for the c-drive to gets full after a certain period. In such cases, one can extend c-drive when it is running out of space to install new programs or the system gets slower and teemed with viruses.

Are you trying to extend the c-drive on the windows server 2016? Are you encountering an error while you try to extend the c-drive on windows server 2016? Cannot extend volume on window server 2016? Well, follow this article and you’ll get the answer to all these questions.

First, you can make use of the following system utilities to free up the space in c-drive

Disk clean-up

Deleting temporary files

Removing unnecessary software using Program and Features option

Why Cannot Extend Volume Windows Server 2016

A lot of people find problems and errors while extending the c-drive with the unallocated space of other partitions. The first and foremost way is to extend the c-drive through the Windows Server 2016 Disk Management utility.

Go to the system utility, “Disk Management” and right click on the c-drive to extend the volume. This can be done by separating the free or unallocated space available in any other partition – that will be added to the c-drive.

After extending the partition, you may still fail to complete the process as the Extend Volume is Greyed out. This is because the unallocated space used to extend the c-drive is not adjacent to the c-partition. This space must be at the right side of the partition that is to be extended.

Extend the Partition Without Losing data

If there is no unallocated space available on your hard disk, then you may need to delete the backend partition to extend the c-drive. This isn’t a simple task and require a higher knowledge of disk management utility and its uses. It also includes a huge risk of data loss.

For this situation, there are several third-party partition resizer software available on the market. And IM-magic Server Edition is one of the best disk management software. It allows you to extend, shrink, and manage your partitions without any kind of data loss.

Extend the partition without data lossExtend the partition without data loss

The IM-Magi Server allows you to adjust the unallocated space even if it is not available to right side of the c-drive. You can follow the steps to extend c partition when there is no unallocated space.

[Guide] Steps to extend volume without data loss

download This step by step guide will show you the right way to extend any volume using  IM-Magic Partition Resizer Unlimited edition.

Step-1  Download install, and launch the program.

Step-2 Right click the large volume to produce unallocated free space.

Steps to resize your disk partition
Steps to resize your disk partition

Step-3  Then right click c and drag the border to acquire the free space.

Steps to resize your disk partition
Steps to resize your disk partition

Step-4 Apply the changes.

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