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Where can download Powerquest partition magic? Now here you can get the freeware for partition resize to manage your disk partition space free.

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Have you been struggling to manage your disk operations using the default disk management tool provided by Microsoft? Disk management is a good partition manager, but it still has certain limitations. For example, you cannot extend, shrink, or resize the c drive using Disk Management due to several administrative rules. Furthermore, the unallocated space available on the hard disk cannot be assigned to the partitions of your choice. Well, this is where third-party partition resizers come in handy.

PowerQuest Partition Magic free download

Partition Magic is one of the best and a well-known third-party tool that allows you to create, delete, extend, resize, and operate partitions in many ways. If you are tired of low disk space problem on your Windows Server 2008/2012/2016/2019/2022 or Windows 7/8/10, Partition Magic can help to organize the data in a more efficient way. It offers a user-friendly interface and is easy to install. You can find the latest version Partition Magic 8.0 here.

Best Alternative to PowerQuest Partition Magic 8.0

PowerQuest Partition Magic is, no doubt, an efficient freeware partition manager out there. However, one drawback of Partition Magic is that it is too dated. Many people find it difficult to use with the latest operating systems. If you find it difficult to use Partition Magic or your system is unable to install it, then the best alternative to Partition Magic is IM-Magic Partition Resizer Freeware Version.

Unlike PowerQuest Partition Magic, using IM-Magic Partition Resizer does not include any data loss risks. All the system operations and data remain untouched when using IM-Magic. Furthermore, IM-Magic offers 100% safe and roll-back technology. Learn morehere.

How to Resize Partition Using IM-Magic Partition Resizer

Having trouble resisting partition using IM-Magic Partition Resizer? Well, following are the steps to resize a partition, let’s say c drive, using IM-Magic with ease

  • Download, install and open IM-Magic Partition Resizer Freeware edition
  • Determine if any of the data partition has enough free space to add in c drive
  • Right click on the data partition and click “Resize” from the drop-down menu
  • Shrink the available space by dragging the storage bar to the left and press OK

Steps to extend system c drive in Windows server 2012Steps to extend system c drive in Windows server 2012

  • The free space will be greyed out and is call unallocated space
  • If there is another partition between c drive and unallocated space, you will not be able to resize c drive
  • For this, open each partition and keep moving the unallocated space to the left until it reaches right next to c drive
  • Right click on the c drive, select “Resize” and acquire the greyed-out space.

Steps to extend system c drive in Windows server 2012Steps to extend system c drive in Windows server 2012

• Done

Final Verdict

Overall, IM-Magic Partition Resizer Freeware stands far above than Partition Magic. While your data is at huge risk when operating hard disk through Partition Magic, IM-Magic provides 100% data security and roll-back technology. Furthermore, IM-Magic Partition resizer comes in 4 different editions i.e. free, professional, server, and unlimited. IM-Magic Server and Unlimited edition clearly provide more access to disk operations that free and professional editions. For further information, click here.


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