How to Merge Unallocated Space to C Drive Server 2012 R2 SBS

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This article will teach you the best way to merge two volumes without losing information. That is through the IM Magic Partition Resizer. It will also show you the inbuilt tools that were put in place by windows to resolve this and explain why they are not the best and most ideal options.

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How to merge and extend partitions on Windows server 2012 R2 SBS

You may have some space in your drive that seems to be idling away, and you need to add it to another partitioned driver on the same hard disc drive. This is a common feature, especially because the C Drive, that is the drive that stores the system configuration and apps, is suddenly full, and as a result, the server is slower than normal. This idle space is storage that is loosely lying about, not allocated to a particular drive.

Windows provides more than one way to extend the partition this. They are inbuilt system function that is handy options:

1.The Diskpart Command Line

2.Disc Management Tool.

1.Disc Management Tool.

To go about this, the first step you take is to open the Start icon dialogue box.

Step Two: Click on Run, or type it out and click on it.

Step Two: In the run pop up, type “CMD” or “ Command Prompt.

Step Three: In the command prompt, type ‘Dskpart”, press enter key

Step Four: Type the ‘list volume’.

Step Five: first identify the name of the driver that has this unallocated space. Once you have identified it, type “Select Volume ‘F’”. With “F” representing the unallocated partition.

Step Six: Type “Extend”.

The Disc Management Tool:

If you are unable to achieve your goal with the Diskpart option, you can go through with this option.

Step One: Open the “My Computer” menu from the start bar.

Step Two: Right-click on the computer, and click on manage, then Disc Management.

Step Three: From the next page, right-click on your C Drive, or the drive that you will like to expand its storage. After right clicking, choose extend volume.

Step Four: Select the unallocated volume. Confirm and click on the finish option.

There are some shortcomings that may arise from these methods shown above. Part of it is that you can only assign the unallocated space to a drive that is adjacent to the free space. Once there are other volumes in between, the action would not work. The command prompt method works well with Windows XP and Server 2003.

How to Merge Unallocated Space Using the IM Magic Partition Resizer.

This third party tool is the best and most secure way of merging unallocated space without losing any data on it. It is also secure and easy to use. It can be downloaded via this link.

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Step One: After downloading the software, run or open it.

Step Two: First identify the drives that you want to merge together. Once identified, right click on it and choose merge partition.

Merge partitions with IM-Magic Partition Resizer serverMerge partitions with IM-Magic Partition Resizer server

Step Three: While still choosing the drives that you want to merge, set the location to save all partition to your desired drive of the two.

Note: if the two volumes are not adjacent to each other, you will have to use the tool to bring them closer together before merging.

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