Windows Server 2016 c drive is running out of space


C drive is running out of space in Windows server 2016? Don’t worry, you can still extend the c drive without data loss.

Andrew Wright

June 2, 2022

by Andrew Wright

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C drive running out of space in Windows server 2016

C drive running out of space or getting full is the most common issue of Windows Server 2016. Windows gets updated regularly, and other software consumes disk space. After a particular time, you will find that there is not enough free space to install critical windows update or software. Dick space is also essential behind the processing power. It can also stop windows services to work and restart or reboot unexpectedly. It can even crash due to no free space.

What should you do when C drive is running out of space:

The first and only thing necessary is to free up disk space or add more free space. You have to act fast because it can crash the server and erase all existing data. So you can start freeing up space if you have the liberty to do that. However, take note that not every server can free up huge amounts of free space. You can also try to expand the C drive. In order to do it, you have to take free space from other drives. There are some setbacks of this process.

Free up disk space

The first thing you can do is delete unused files to reclaim free space. If you can manage to free up disk space by deleting files, the server will be back to normal stage. But you have to clear enough space. Otherwise, the danger will be still there. Freeing up confined space is a temporary solution to C drive is running out of space problem. Windows regularly updates so it will eat up the empty space again. Also, it only works well when the server never performed this steps.

Limitations of Windows Build-In Extend Volume tools

There is always the risk of losing critical data. You can do it by yourself or take the help from window’s built it CleanUp utility. The other way which very well is the IM-Magic Partition Resizer Server edition/unlimited edition.

Freeing up disk space may take a long time.

Most of the time the freeing up space will not a significant amount so the problem will be still there. The best solution will be to add more space from other drives. Windows has a built-in tool to perform this task but it won't work at most of the cases.

The adjacent unallocated space needs to be at the right side of the partition & only the than the built-in Extend Volume functionality works.

If the unallocated space is on the left side, you won't be able to use the Windows Build-In Extend Volume option.

It only works for the NTFS file format.

Files can be different by types and extensions so Free up disk space can be a hazardous task.

Possible error messages:

Error messages, such as something missing or damaged for some system related parameters failed to update

Missing or corrupted drives from file explorer for partition pertaining parameters was unable to update

Files are damaged or lost because files parameters failed to modified.

Windows Server 2016 c drive is running out of space solution with IM-Magic-Partition resizer

3rd party tools have their own issues and most of the time there is the risk of losing data. But IM-Magic-Partition resizer is completely safe and you will be able to add space at your Windows Server 2016 c drive easily and without any hustle. It's a freeware means you can use it simply downloading it. After downloading, simply follow the below steps,


Run the IM-Magic-Partition resizer & find the list of disk partitions

Find the partition which you want to resize, right-click and choose “resize/move partition,” option.

Use your mouse to extend partition, if you don’t have unallocated space, you can shrink the partition first.

Steps to resize c drive space in Windows serverSteps to resize c drive space in Windows server

Then you can extend the c drive easily.

Steps to resize c drive space in Windows serverSteps to resize c drive space in Windows server

Apply the changes

There are other useful features of the IM-Magic-Partition resizer including resizing partition, wiping partition, copying partition, converting disk type. It works on all windows servers such as 2000/2003/2008/2012/2016/2019/2022 including 32 & 64bits SBS etc. No downtime While you Resize partition windows server 2019. It's worth a try.


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