C drive red and low disk space on server 2016


This article is about how to free up c drive space when your c drive is red and in low disk space on Windows server 2016, it also works for other Windows system.

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C drive red and low disk space on server 2016

Your Windows server 2016 is showing c drive red.That means it is nearing its storage capacity. C drive is an important drive as it stores your Operating system, software and important system files. Low disk space on C drive causes many problems like slow speed, unable to install new programs or even some of the programs may not run without sufficient space. You may also see some of the windows services stop running. Since you have low disk space, you are not allowed to install critical updates.

Free up disk space of c drive on Windows server

You can free up disk space by removing unwanted files and software. Removing cache and history files also releases much space. If you have System Restore/Shadow Copy files, remove them too to reclaim space.

In Windows server 2016, there is a tool called- Disk Cleanup. Right click your C drive and click properties and then click Disk Cleanup. You can choose the type of files to be deleted. You can also see the amount of space you gain after they are removed.

But removing files or software does not help you for a longer time. You cannot remove the files every time. You can think of extending C drive. Extending drive means you are adding space to your drive by taking free space from other drives.

Extend c drive space with disk manage tool

You can extend your C drive from built-in tool called disk management. You select the C drive, right click and select extend option. But you may not see this extend option enabled. The extend option is enabled only when you have unallocated space next to C or any other that you want to extend. To get the unallocated space, you can either shrink the next drive or delete the drive. Shrinking drive does not help as it does not create unallocted next to your C drive. You do not have option to move your unallocated space to the right side of C drive. Deleting drive means you are loosing data.

To extend your C drive without loosing data, I will suggest you to use third party software. The tools are simple to use and capable to do many disk resizing activities without destroying your data. One of the best tool I have used is IM-Magic Partition Resizer Server edition/unlimited edition.

Extend c drive low disk space on server 2016 with partition resizer

IM-Magic Partition Resizer is a effective tool to resize the disk space within a minute, it is also is 100% safe.

The tool is available for all the Windows versions and it gives you trial version as well. With this tool, you can extend your C or any other drive in few seconds. So lets’s see how it extends your C drive.

In the below example we are extending C drive. Follow the below simple steps to move an unallocated space before extending C drive:

1. After you install the trial version , open IM-Magic Partition Resizer

2. Right click the D drive(unallocated partition is next to it), select Resize/Move Partition:

3. Move the D drive with mouse to right side to bring the unallocated partition next to C drive.

Steps to fix c drive in low disk space in Windows serverSteps to fix c drive in low disk space in Windows server

After moving the unallocted space next to C drive:

1. Right click the C drive and select Resize/Move Partition.

2. In the following window, drag the border as shown in below picture to extend the C drive. Press OK.

Steps to fix c drive in low disk space in Windows serverSteps to fix c drive in low disk space in Windows server

3. If you are happy with new extended size , click apply changes and press OK to commit the changes.

Your can see your C drive extended.

It does resizing in seconds and without affecting your data. For Windows users, IM-Magic Partition Resizer software is available for all the versions. It has many other great features that will help you in performing other disk related jobs easily. Visit the below website to know more about this unique product:


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