Extend RAID 5 Partition

Extend Windows 2008 RAID 5 C Drive

I have a Dell Server that I setup using RAID 5 Config, but the C drive on RAID 5 is running out of disk space (only about 500MB free space). SO I want to look for a solution to extend the size of C drive on RAID 5. My PC is running Windows Server 2008 operating system.

Windows 2003 RAID 5 Extend Primary Partition

Has anybody run into low disk space problem on RAID 5 Windows Server 2003? Can you please tell me how to increase the size of primary partition without having any influence on the data on the primary partition?

Extend RAID 5 Partition without Formatting

There are two partitions on RAID 5, while one partition is running out of disk space. Should I format the partition to free up space? However, I want to look for a way to extend the RAID 5 partition without formatting, because I still need data on the partition.

Extend RAID 5 C Drive on Server 2003

If C drive is running out of disk space on RAID 5 on Windows Server 2003, a third-party partition software is available for C drive resizing. The partition software you select should work on RAID 5 disk and be compatible with Windows Server 2003 OS.

Dell Server Extend Disk Partition RAID 5

I have 4 disks  configured as RAID 5 on Dell Server. The C drive is running out of disk space and I cannot even store any data to it. Even worse, Windows keeps saying C drive is running very on low disk space when I boot my PC. How can I extend RAID 5 C drive on Dell Server?

Extend C Drive on RAID 5 Dell Server

The C drive is running on low disk space eon RAID 5 on Dell Server. Is there any way to extend the C drive space without rebuilding RAID 5 array? Do I need to backup data before partition resizing? Can you give me any suggestion?



For Windows Server all versions ==> Download IM-Magic Partition Resizer Server


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