Freeware to Resize Partition in Windows 10

Is there any freeware to resize disk partition on Windows 10? Today, when you buy a new computer, the hard disk has been divided into several partitions and the operating system has been installed on the partition. During the usage of your computer, you may need to resize hard disk partition due to the unreasonable disk space allocation. Whether you have upgraded your computer to Windows 10 operating system or your computer ran Windows 10 previously, you probably need a partition tool in order to redistribute disk space.

Why Need to Redistribute Disk Space in Windows 10?

Simply say, the reason why you need to redistribute disk space in Windows 10 is that there is not enough free space on disk partition, especially system partition. The partition on which Windows 10 OS is installed is usually called system partition. Usually, Windows users like to install operating system on C drive, so C drive is also known system partition. Probably, you only allocated little free space to C drive when installing a hard drive on your computer. Or the system partition gets full day by day since you have installed too many programs on it.

When a system runs out of disk space on Windows 10, you may receive message that you are running out of disk space on local disk C, to free disk space on this drive by deleting old or unnecessary files. Usually, you had better not delete files from system partition because it might cause system crash after deleting data that is related to OS. In this situation, you need to redistribute disk space in order to fix the system partition low disk space problem on Windows 10.

Free Solution for Partition Resizing on Windows 10

It causes some inconvenience more or less whether it is system partition or data partition runs on low disk space. Therefore, it is necessary to reallocate disk space on Windows 10 to resolve the low disk space problem. Here are some possible free solutions for partition resizing on Windows 10:

1. Free repartition hard disk
You can repartition hard disk so as to reallocate more space to the partition which has low disk space on Windows 10. You need to backup data before repartitioning hard disk.

2 Reinstall Windows 10 system
You can reinstall Windows 10 system and reformat system partition to free up disk space on system partition. You also need to backup important data since it will erase everything after reinstalling operating system.

3. Free up Disk Space on Windows 10 system partition without resizing disk space
If it does not cause any trouble due to system partition low disk space issue, you can also merely free up disk space without resizing disk space on Windows 10. First of all, you can move all data from desktop to another drive or you can delete all unnecessary files. Then, you can perform Disk cleanup regularly on C drive to free up disk space.
You are able to reallocate disk space on Windows 10 with all solutions above, but you should be careful to avoid data loss.

Windows 10 Resize System Partition Free with Disk Management

If you feel it complex to reinstall operating system or repartition hard disk, you can also resize system partition free on Windows 10 with Disk Management. You just need to open Disk Management on Windows 10 and right click a partition that has enough free space. Then, you can select "Shrink Volume" option to squeeze some unallocated space. Then, you can right click the system partition and click "Extend Volume" option so as to add the unallocated space to it. It sounds easy to resize system partition with Windows 10 Disk Management, but the most difficult thing is to move the unallocated space close to system partition in order to add it to extend the system partition. If the unallocated space is not contiguous to the system partition, Windows 10 "Extend Volume" will be disabled under Disk Management.

Do You Need to Resize Data Partition on Windows 10?

In addition to system partition, the rest partitions are usually used to store different kinds of data or you can install programs on those partitions. In my opinion, you do not need to resize hard drive if it is a data partition that is nearly full. You just need to delete all unnecessary files or move some data to another drive to resolve the problem. Of course, you can also open Disk Management to resize data partition if you want.

Freeware to Resize Partition in Windows 10

If you still cannot resolve the low disk space problem on Windows 10 after trying all methods mentioned above, you have another choice to resize partition on Windows 10 by relying on free partition software IM-Magic Partition Resizer Free. You can use this free partition software to extend system partition or data partition without repartitioning hard disk or reinstalling operating system.

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