Extend Disk Partition on SBS 2003

SBS 2003 Extend System Partition

It is a headache for most SBS 2003 users when the system partition is running out of disk space. However, with third-party partition magic software, you will no longer feel upset when meeting such kind of problem becase you can extend system partition easily.

Extend C Drive Windows SBS 2003

My PC is running Windows SBS 2003 OS for several years. Currently, I want to increase the size of C drive because it is nearly full. There is another partition on my PC. So I am trying to allocate some space from another partition to extend C drive.

Extend Partition Space SBS 2003

I want to extend C drive on Windows Server SBS 2003. Well, there are two partitionS (C drive and D drive) on my SBS. I want to move some space from C drive to D drive, but I am wondering if it will cause any hurt to operating system after shrinking C drive.

Increase Size of SBS 2003 System Partition

May I increase size of system partition on Windows SBS 2003? How can I fix low disk space on system partition on SBS 2003? Is there any good partition software for SBS 2003 system partition resizing?

Resize C Drive SBS 2003

C drive is nearly full on Windows SBS 2003, do you need to repartition the hard disk to reallocate disk space? Well, you can rely on partition software for Windows Server to resize the C drive.

Resize Disk Partition SBS 2003

Have you ever installed SBS 2003 OS on your computer? Have you ever meet low disk space issue on system partition or other data volume on SBS 2003? What did you do to fix the low disk space? Do you need to resize the disk partition?

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