Windows Server 2003 Resize Disk Partition

Resize C Drive in Windows Server 2003

On my Windows Server 2003 computer, C drive runs on low disk space. I want to resize the C drive, but I still haven't gotten a useful way. Please give me some suggestion if you have the similar experience or know any method.

Resize Hard Drive Windows Server 2003

Hard drive can be divided into several partitions on a computer. The partition size might be allocated unreasonably, so you may want to resize the hard drive. This page will tell you how to resize hard drive on Windows Server 2003.

Resize NTFS Partition on Windows 2003

It is a NTFS partition on my Windows Server 2003 that is running on low disk space, I want to resize the NTFS partition. Do you have any suggestion to resize a NTFS partition on Windows 2003?

Resize System Partition on Server 2003

I want to extend system partition C on Windows Server 2003. The unallocated space is behind D drive, but it requires contiguous unallocated space if I want to extend C drive. Do you have any mothod to move the unallocated space to C drive?

Resize Western Digital Hard Drive Windows Server 2003

Western Digital hard drive is popular among different users. When you install a Western Digital hard disk on your computer, you can partition it to different drives. If one partition is running out of disk space, you can reszie the Western Digital hard drive with a third-party partition tool.

Resize Disk Partition for Windows 2003 Server

There are C drive, D drive, E drive and F drive on my Windows Server 2003. Now, the C drive is running out of disk space, and only E drive has free space. So I want to move some free space from E drive to C drive. What should I do to resize disk partition in such a case?

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