Windows Server 2003 Partition Software

Windows 2003 Partition Software to Allocate Free Space

There is some free space on D drive on my Windows Server 2003, and I want to allocate the free space to C drive becuase it is nearly full. Can you please tell how to allocate free space from D drive to C drive on Windows Server 2003?

Disk Repartition Software for Windows 2003

I need a disk repartition software to resize hard disk partition on Windows Server 2003. There are two partitions (C dirve and D drive) on my computer. The D drive doesn't have much free space, so I think I need a disks repartition software to resize the hard disk.

Free System Partition Resizer for Windows Server 2003

Hi, I have Windows Server 2003 with a 160GB Seagate hard disk. The system partition has 30 GB but now only about 2 GB free space. Is there any partition resizer that can resize system without touching the operating system and disk data?

Partition Resizing Software for Windows Server 2003

This tutorial will introduce a partition resizing software, with which you can extend disk partition including system partition and data volume on Windows Server 2003. The partition software supports to resize NTFS and FAT disk partition without rebooting.

Windows Server 2003 Partition Manager Download

Hello everybody! I want to know how do I change the size of disk partition on Windows Server 2003. One partition is running out of disk space, so I want to reallocate the disk space. How can I do it?

Partition Magic for Windows Server 2003

Can anybody recommend a partition magic for Windows Server 2003 resizing? I have three partition on my Server, but the C drive is running on low disk space. So I want to look for a partition magic that can work on Windows Server 2003 to extend C drive.

Partition Magic Resize System Partition

If you are wondering whether it is possible to resize system partition, you can download partition magic. With partition magic, you can extend system partition, shrink partition and move partition and Windows XP/7/8/Vista and Windows Servers.

Western Digital Hard Drive Partition Magic

There is a Western Digital hard disk on my computer and it has been divided into 4 partitions. The problem is that the system partition is full. Windows asks me to delete some files to free the disk, but I cannot delete any data. How can I extend the system partition without deleting any data?

Windows 2003 Partition Software for Western Digital Hard Disk Resizing

Partition software download to resize Western Digital hard disk partition on Windows Server 2003. You don't need to move or delete any data by relying on third-party partition software. You don't need to reinstall system or repartition hard disk, either.

Server 2003 Partition Software to Allocate Unallocated Space

I tried to run Diskpart command to move the unallocated space to C drive, but it failed. The unallocated space is behind the D drive, but Diskpart command cannot move a partition. What can I do to move the unallocated space close to C drive so that I can get C drive extended?

For Windows Server all versions ==> Download IM-Magic Partition Resizer Server


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