How to Permanently Wipe USB Drive/Thumb Drive/UFD


You want abandon your old USB thumb drive but worry about the data leakage? Don’t worry, you can permanently wipe USB drive. This article will tell you how to safely and permanently wipe USB flash drive for free.

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by Andrew Wright

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Is It Possible to Permanently Wipe USB Thumb Drive?

When you about to abandon your old USB pen drive, you maybe worry about data leakage on the USB, if you know about some IT knowledge, you will not feel strange that data can be recovered easily no matter you deleted it, or formatted it. So, is it possible to remove data on USB flash drive permanently and make the data no longer be recovered?

The answer is yes, you can permanently wipe USB pen drive and make it impossible to recover the data back.

How to Permanently Wipe USB Drive

To permanently wipe an USB drive, you need a erase tool to help you, some USB flash drive manufacturers have their own erase tool, like Samsung, Kingston, etc. And you can also choose a professional disk erase tool to make it.

Permanently Wipe USB/UFD Drive/Memory Card with Manufacturer Brand Wipe Tool

For some flash drive brands, they have their own tool to erase data or manage the device, you can use it to manege your USB/UFD/memory card, these are some download websites of them.

Samsung USB/UFD Drive/Memory Card manage tool: Samsung Memory Card&UFD Authentication Utility

Download website:

Crucial USB manage tool: Crucial Storage Executive

Download website:

Intel SSD manage tool: Intel Toolbox

Download website:

You can learn more on the website of your USB brand. And I will introduce a better way for you.

Permanently Wipe USB Drive with Wipe Freeware

Freeware for internal or external drive wipe can make it much more easier. Here I will recommend you a very effective freeware to manage your USB flash drive. It is safe and effective, you can trust it. IM-Magic Partition Resizer free, it has a good compatibility for computer system, this free version supports most Windows system including Windows7/8/10/vista. You can try it for totally free.

download free windows 10 partition software

Instructions to Wipe USB Drive on Windows 11/10/8/7

Step 1: Install IM-Magic Partition Resizer free on your computer, collect your USB flash drive or memory card to your computer, run the software.

Step2: select your USB pen drive, right click it and choose “Wipe Partition” option. Apply the changes.

Permanently wipe C drive without CDPermanently wipe C drive without CD

Then your USB flash drive is permanently wiped successfully.

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