2 Free Ways to Disable Low Disk Space Red Bar


About the worst nightmare of any computer user is the red bar alert on the hard disk. The colour red does not come with something good; it is always an omen that something is definitely wrong something somewhere. This is encountering the red colour on the disk bar is something you should be very wary of and not take with levity. In most cases, it means your computer’s memory is really running low.

Andrew Wright

June 2, 2022

by Andrew Wright

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Reasons for the Disk Red Bar

As aforementioned, there are many reasons for the red colour on the disk space bar. While it may be that your disk is running low, in some other cases, it is not that. One of the cases that may cause your disk space showing may because your PC has been running very slow. Whenever this happens, you have some other problems like your computer taking very long loading up. Another reason why you may put your disk bar in red colour is if a partition of your hard disk is stuffed with junk files. What this means is that while your hard disk may be free, if the partition that runs your OS is crammed full, you may have that part of the partition show the red bar telling you to free up some space off that partition. Above all, the most known reason for red space bar on your computer disk is simply that you are running out of memory.

Remove the Low Disk Red Bar Warning

While we have identified that out of the many reasons for the red colour on the disk bar, low memory is the most common cause; it is time to know the different solutions to solving the low disk red bar.

The first solution to the low disk space red bar is to move your very important folders off the partition that has the red bar on it and move it to another partition. After you have done this, then carry out a very

thorough disk clean up on the partition to free it of all junks that may be cluttering the space. To launch the Disk Cleanup option, right click on the partition you want to action. Click on Properties and then Disk Cleanup. The function will run a scan on the partition and recommend what to clean. Once you click the ok button, it begins the Disk Cleanup process.

Another solution is to delete all the temporary files and caches of every application. This may seem like a solution that may not have much effect in freeing your disk space. However, the solution does so much in the long run than you give it credit for.

The third solution is to uninstall all applications and delete folders you are not in need of anymore. So many things, we leave many large redundant files on our hard disk. Clean up all the files and applications you no longer need on your computer,and you will be amazed at how much space you would have.

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The ultimate solution is using the amazing IM-Magic Partition Resizer Free. With the freeware, you can extend the volume of your hard disk. That automatically removes the red bar from the disk bar. Is is a 100% safe and free program to manage partitions, if you use Windows 11/10/8/7XP/Vista, you can use it for completely free. And it is very easy to use , you can just drag the mouse to resize your partitions.

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