Free to Defragment Hard Drive from Command Prompt

There are different methods to defrag hard drive, while Command Prompt is one of solution for disk defragment.

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When a hard drive contains too many fragments, it could have influence on the performance of the hard disk and slow down your computer. Defragmenting is a process to analyze the disk partition and defragment fragments in order to recover some disk space and improve the performance of your disk. Since data is written randomly to different clusters on a hard disk, there is no way to avoid hard disk fragments. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly defrag hard disk in order to improve performance.

Free to Defragment Hard Drive from Command Line

Command line is a prompt on Windows, which allows you to execute different tasks on your computer. You can run Command Prompt to defragment hard disk partition on Windows by follow the guide below:

Preparation before Disk Defragment

Before disk defragment, you need to do something for preparation.
1. Make sure that the disk partition has 15% free space at least in order to complete a defragment of a disk partition. If the available space on the partition you want to defrag is less than 15%, it can only defrag only a part of fragments. You can delete some unnecessary files, move files to another partition or free up disk space to get more free space on the partition.

2. It is necessary to analyze the disk drive to see if it needs to be defragmented. If system reports that there is no need to defragment the drive, you had better not perform disk defragment.

Free to Defragment Disk Partition with Command Prompt

To defragment disk partition with Command Prompt, you can follow the steps below:
Step1. Run Command Prompt on your computer

==> The methods to access command line are different on various Windows operating system. If you do not know how to open Command Line on your computer, please refer to this article – How to run command prompt on different Windows>>

Step2. Type defrag.exe plus the appropriate parameters (e.g. defrag.exe c: /a) to analyze or defrag the partition you need to defragment.

You can type defrage.exe to show list of command line parameters, and then you can type a proper one based on your needs.

defragment from cmd

List of command line parameters:


 Meaning of different parameters


Specifies the drive letter or the mount point path of the volume to be defragmented or analyzed

defrag.exe -c

Use defrag.exe to defragment all volumes on your computer

defrag.exe c: -a

Use defrage.exe to analyze the C: drive

defrag.exe c: -r

Use defrage.exe to perform a partial defragmentation which attempt consolidates only the fragments that are smaller than 64MB.

defrag.exe c: -w

Use Defrage.exe to perform a full defragment

defrag.exe c: -f

Use defrage.exe to force the defragment even when the free space is less than 15% on the C partition

defrag.exe c: -v

Use defrage.exe to show detailed analysis and defragmentation output

The c: in the list above refers to the C drive, you can replace c: with any drive letter else on your computer.

CMD Says Do Not Need to Defragment Hard Drive

If you run CMD to analyze the hard drive and it says there is no need to defragment the selected drive, you had better stop defragmenting it. You usually receive this message when type defrag.exe x: -a command to analyze the selected drive (x: refers to the partition you want to defrag)

no need to defragment

If you receive this message, it means that there is no fragment on the partition. So you do not need to defragment this drive.

Free to Defrag Hard Disk with Software

IM-Magic Partition Resizer is a free partition magic tool which enables you to defrag hard disk with following two steps:

Step1. Right click the partition you want to defrag and select "Defragment" option.

defragment partition

Step2. Confirm to defrag the selected volume

confirm defragement

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