How to Defragment Partition and Clean Up Disk

When you write a file to hard disk partition, the data is usually stored to different places (clusters) on the partition. When too many files are written to different places on the hard disk partition, it becomes fragmented. Your computer will slow down with too many file fragments. This page will introduce how to defragment partitions so as to move all fragmented files together and save them contiguously on the partition.

How to Defragment Partition?

IM-Magic Partition Resizer enables you to defragment partitions without touching original data on the partition:

Step1. Right click the partition which you want to defragment and select "Defragment"

defragment partition

Step2. Click "OK" button to confirm defragment the selected partition.

confirm defragement

Step3. Click "Close" button after defragmenting

Download Proper Version of IM-Magic Partition Resizer

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