How to Set Disk/USB/SD Readonly or Clear Readonly

You can set media as read-only to protect data stored on the partition from being changed by unwanted people. You can read data from a read-only partition, but you are not allowed to modify, copy, delete, write or move any information on this partition. Therefore, it is useful to set an important partition as readonly to prevent careless modification to this partition. You can also clear the readonly attribute when you want to modify, copy, write, delete or transfer data on this partition.

How to Set Partition Readonly?

Step1. Right click the disk/usb and select "Set readonly" option

set readonly

Step2. Confirm set the selected usb/hdd/sd as readonly

confirm set readonly
Confirm set read only

And it's done after the confirmation from you.

Note: it only works for a whole memory card, usb flash drive and the whole hard disk. It's unable to set read-only attribution to a single volume among many on a hard disk.

How to Clear Readonly for SD/USB/HDD?

Step1. Right click the disk/usb/sd on its left header side in the software, and select "Clear Read-only Attribute" option

remove readonly

Step2. Confirm clear the readonly attribute on the selected disk/usb/sd.

confirm remove readonly

And then your storage drive will be available for saving new files.

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