How to Extend Volume Using Diskpart in Windows 11

Can Diskpart Extend Volume on Windows 11?

Yes, you can extend a volume using the Diskpart utility in Windows 11 or any Windows computers with certain conditions. Diskpart is a command-line tool that allows you to manage disk partitions, including extending a volume without losing data.

Note that in order to extend a volume using Diskpart, there must be unallocated space available on the same physical disk. If there is no unallocated space available, you will need to delete right closeby volume to create unallocated space or shrink another volume on the same disk and add the unallocated space to target drive with some 3rd party free software.

To extend a volume using Diskpart, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Command Prompt as administrator.
  2. Type "diskpart" and press Enter.
  3. Type "list volume" and press Enter. This will display a list of all the volumes on the computer.
  4. Type "select volume [volume number]" and press Enter, replacing [volume number] with the number of the volume you want to extend. For example, if you want to extend volume 1, here type 'select volume 1'.
  5. Type "extend [size=amount of space to add in MB]" and press Enter, replacing [size=amount of space to add in MB] with the amount of space you want to add to the volume. diskpart extend volume

Diskpart and unallocated space

This following contents involved with a free tool Partition Resizer that can do more than diskpart and is 100% free of charge.

Scenario#1: Unallocated space close to the target drive

Note: Diskpart can only extend volume when there is unallcoated space at the right side of the drive you want to expand.

Scenario#2: Unallocated space not close to the target drive

Scenario#3: No unallocated space on the same disk

What conditions are needed as terms to extend a volume using Partition Resizer?

  • Shrink a large volume to make free space to be unallocated space
  • Move unallocated space to anywhere on the same disk by moving partitions that stand in between

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Scenario#4: Create unallocated space by shrinking a large volume on the same disk

Scenario#5: Move unallocated spaces or partitions without losing data

Unable to extend volume using diskpart cmd fixes on Windows 11

Here are serveral causes when diskpart.exe does not work to extend volume, and here are its causes and solutions.

Cause#1: No unallocated space at right side of the target volume

Solution: Delete the very right drive to make its space unallocated, and then try again.

For example, C D E F, if you want to extend c drive, you need to delete D drive to make its place unallocated.

Cause#2: Deleting d drive does not work (or deleting a right side drive does not work, or right side unallocated space does not work with diskpart)

Solution: here are several situations that you may make certain changes.

For example: C, D, E (Delete D, Extend C failed); or C, unallocated space, E(extend c drive failed); however it all does not work even after deleting a d drive or it all failed even when there is unallcoated space at the right side of the drive you want to expand.

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Note: Partition Resizer is a 100% free tool on Windows 11-2000 computers.

How to add free/unallocated space to extend volume with free software

Step-by-step guide:

Step 1: First, download IM-Magic Partition Resizer freeware, then install it.

Download Partition Resizer

Step 2: Right click the drive to produce unallocated space by go to option 'Resize/Move' Tap on it.

resize partition

Step 3: Go ahead by shrinking the D in the right direction. For that, you've to move your cursor. You'll reckon some free space available.

shrink large drive on winddows serverfree space after shrinking other large server partition

Step 4: Now, returning to the main UI, you must locate C and right-click it to 'Resize or Move.' To extend its borders, you must use the cursor to conver the unallocated space.

right click server c drive to extend

extend volume

Step 5: Click APPLY CHANGES on the software to get it started.


What are the popular reasons for Windows 11 extend volume greyed out?

You may see:

  1. No support for particular partitions.
  2. No support for the File system.
  3. Restriction of 2TB on MBR disk.