Windows 10 Diskpart Extend Volume

Diskpart is a powerful partition manger built in all Windows operating system, so you can run Diskpart command to extend volume in Windows 10. As a powerful Windows built-in partition management tool, you can run Diskpart command to manage hard drive including create partition, delete partition, merge partition, extend partition, formatting partition, etc. Windows 10 Diskpart command is able to take the place of third-party partition magic to manage disk space effectively. And to some extent, Diskpart has more powerful function that partition magic, with which you can set up a dynamic disk or mirror volume, etc.

Windows 10 Diskpart Extend Volume

When disk partition runs out of space on Windows 10, somebody would like to run Diskpart command to perform partition resizing so as to increase the size of the volume which has not enough free space.

How to extend volume by running Diskpart command in Windows 10?

1. Click "Start" > "Run" > type "diskpart" and click "OK" so as to open the Diskpart command window


2. Type the "list volume" and it will show which volume you can choose to extend the partition that has low disk space. For example, if the list volume shows to select volume 1, you should type "select volume 1". Then, it will show a message saying "volume 1 is the selected volume". Finally, you should type "extend", after which diskpart will extend the selected partition.

diskpart extend volume

In most case, most people do not like to run Diskpart command to extend volume because it is difficult to handle. You have to type each command on the Diskpart command window, which is a complex task for many computer users.

Diskpart Fails to Extend Partition in Windows 10

In fact, some people also realize that it is a common situation to fail extend partition in Windows 10 with Diskpart command. After following the steps above to send out order to extend the selected volume by Diskpart command, many people finally fail to expand the size of selected volume because Diskpart shows a message "The volume you have selected may not be extended. Please select another volume and try again".

diskpart failed to extend volume windows 10

Why Diskpart cannot expand volume in Windows 10?

If you failed to extend the selected volume after running Diskpart command on Windows 10, you can check following points:

1. Open Windows 10 Disk Management to see if there is unallocated space. If there is no unallocated space, you can right click a volume that has much free space and select "Shrink Volume" option

shrink volume

Now, you can enter the amount of space to shrink and then click "Shrink" button

enter amount of space to shrink

You can see some unallocated space when the shrinking process is completed.

unallocated space

2. Even if there is unallocated space, you have to make sure that the unallocated space is contiguous to the selected volume you want to extend. Diskpart will still fail to expand the selected volume on Windows 10 if there is no contiguous unallocated space.

3. Diskpart cannot extend system partition, so you will fail to extend the selected volume if you run Diskpart command to expand system partition on Windows 10.

4. Diskpart only supports to extend NTFS data volume, which means that you will also fail to extend the selected volume with Diskpart command when you attempt to extend an FAT32 volume on Windows 10.

Windows 10 Increase Size of Volume without Diskpart

When you fail to expand size of disk volume on Windows 10 by running Diskpart command, you have another choice to perform partition resizing, namely partition software. IM-Magic Partition Resizer Free is a completely free partition tool which enables you to increase size of system partition and data partition on Windows 10. It supports both NTFS file system and FAT32 file system. This partition software also allows you to shrink volume, move volume, format volume, delete volume and so on.

resize partition

Download IM-Magic Partition Resizer Free Edition

download free windows 10 partition software


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