Free to Increase Size of Partition on Windows 7

This page will share methods to free increase size of disk partition on Windows 7. Usually, you need to increase a volume size when Windows 7 says low disk space warning on this partition. Or you want to increase size of a disk volume in Windows 7 because it shows red bar and the available space is not enough for data storage. Whatever the reason is! You can perform partition resizing with help of Windows 7 built-in partition manger or partition software for Windows 7.
Usually, you can extend a partition on Windows 7 within about 3 simple steps.

Step1. Squeeze Unallocated Space from Windows 7 Partition

You have to redistribute hard disk if you want to extend any partition on Windows 7. Whenever you want to perform partition resizing, unallocated space is always needed. Simply say, when you want to increase size of any partition, you need to move free space from another partition. Therefore, if you want to extend size of partition on Windows 7, the first thing you should do is to squeeze some unallocated space from other partition on Windows 7.
On Windows 7, there are two methods to get unallocated space.

Method 1: Shrink partition with Windows 7 Disk Management

The most common method to get unallocated space on Windows 7 is to rely on its Disk Management. You just need to open Windows 7 Disk Management and shrink a partition that has enough free space so as to squeeze some unallocated space.

Follow the guide to squeeze free space under Disk Management in Windows 7: Right click "Computer" > click "Manage" > click "Disk Management" > right click a partition that has much free space and select "Shrink Volume" > enter the amount of size you want to shrink and click "Shrink" and then you can get some unallocated spaceshrink large partition to extend volume disk management

Method 2: delete a partition under Disk Management

Another method is to delete a partition under Disk Management. After accessing Disk Management in Windows 7, you just need to right click the partition you want to delete and click "Delete Volume" option. After deleting a partition on Windows 7, it will show as unallocated volume in Disk Management.delete volume server 2012 to extend volume disk management

Step2. Move Unallocated Space Close to Partition That Needs to Be Expanded on Win7

When you shrink a partition to get some unallocated space, the unallocated volume usually shows behind the partition you shrink. If the unallocated space is not beside the partition you want to extend, you have to move it close to the partition that needs to be expanded. Without relying on any partition software, the only way to move the unallocated volume close to the partition that you want to increase is to delete all partitions between the unallocated space and the partition you want to extend.

Option1: Delete all partitions that stand in between.

Option2: Move inbetween partitions safely with free 3rd party software Partition Resizer Free. This following image will show you how to move a partition without losing data.Move D partition and move unallocated space without losing data

Step3. Increase Size of Windows 7 Volume by Adding Unallocated Space

After moving the unallocated space close to the partition which needs to be extended, you can add the unallocated space to this partition with Disk Management. You just need to right click the partition that needs to be extended and select "Extend Volume" and then enter the amount you want to extend. Finally, you can easily add the unallocated space to the partition.

Free Partition Magic for Partition Increasing on Windows 7

Without running Windows 7 Disk Management tool, you can also shrink partition, move partition and extend partition by relying on free partition magic for Windows 7.

IM-Magic Partition Resizer Free works on Windows platform to help resize hard drive without reinstalling system or rebooting your computer. Therefore, you can use it to this partition software to free increase size of system partition and data partition on Windows 7.

Video: how to shrink a drive and expand partition size in Windows 7

Attention: You can shrink more than one partition to get enough free space, but you are only allowed to move free space on the same hard drive to increase size of C drive on Windows 7.

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