Windows XP Extend System Partition C Drive

Do you know that it is able to extend the space of a partition even after dividing a hard drive and format it? Truthfully, many people know that it is possible to extend system partition by repartitioning hard drive on Windows XP. However, disk repartitioning will erase all data from the hard drive. Then, is there any way to extend C drive on Windows XP without repartitioning hard disk or losing any data?

When Need to Extend System Partition on Windows XP?

Usually, you need to extend system partition on Windows XP when this partition does not have enough free space. Then, how can you know how much free space has left on a system partition? As you know, if your PC runs Windows 7, 8, 10 operating system, you can see clearly how much free space has left on each partition by opening My Computer. When system partition runs on low disk space on Windows 7, 8, 10, the C drive usually shows red bar in My Computer. If you want to check how much free space has left on Windows XP C drive, you can right click C drive in My Computer and then click Properties option, after which you can see the total space and free space on the C drive. If the free space shows less than 2GB or even less, it is necessary to extend the space of the C partition to avoid further problem.
In addition to checking the properties of C drive to check how much free space has left on it, Windows XP may pop up low disk space warning on C drive when it is nearly full.

Extend C Drive by Repartition Hard Drive on Windows XP

You probably know that you can extend C drive by using Windows 10 Disk Management, Windows 8 Disk Management and Windows 7 Disk Management if your PC runs Windows 10, 8, 7 OS. However, the bad news is that Windows XP Disk Management does not allow its users to extend partition size. Although you cannot increase size of disk partition directly under Disk Management in Windows XP, you can repartition hard disk there so as to redistribute disk space. Therefore, you can also increase size of partition on Windows XP by repartitioning hard disk on Disk Management:

tep1. Open Disk Management on Windows and delete all partitions on the hard disk.
Step2. After deleting all partitions, you will get an unallocated partition. Right click the unallocated partition and click New Partition.
Step3. Specify some space to the new partition and then assign a drive letter to it and format it.
Step4. You can get a new partition when the format is finished.
Step5. Repeat the step2, step3 and step4 to create another new partition.

Limitations of repartitioning hard disk:

Following the steps above, you can redistribute hard disk and reallocate disk space easily, but it has some limitations:

1. You cannot delete a system partition, which means that you are unable to increase the size of system partition by repartition hard disk on Windows XP.

2. You will lose all data stored on the partition when you delete it to create new partition. Therefore, backup data before repartitioning hard disk is very important.

Windows XP Expand System Partition with Partition Software

Without repartitioning hard disk or deleting any data, you can easily to expand size of system partition by using a partition tool for Windows XP. IM-Magic Partition Resizer Free is a partition manger tool which enables you to extend system partition by moving free space from any other partition on the same hard disk without deleting even a single file.

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